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The Kind Store is a 100% vegan, natural and eco-friendly online brand stocking a selection of essentials to help you make ethical and sustainable choices.

Tash the founder had built The Kind Store from her garage and experienced amazing organic growth and a dedicated core customer base. However she felt held back by her DIY branding that stopped her from competing with bigger e-commerce sustainable suppliers. Her DIY branding (or lack of it!) also struggled to reflect the quality, handpicked curation she offered and her on-trend feel. As more and more ‘eco-home suppliers’ popped up she knew she had to have a strong and iconic brand that would stand out from the sea of green!

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From feeling stuck to getting featured in The Guardian

When Natasha and I first met, she had big dreams for The Kind Store. She was on a mission to make a sustainable cruelty-free lifestyle feel easy and approachable, by offering a curated selection of natural essentials all in one place. But she was also feeling a bit stuck. Her brand wasn’t connected with where she wanted her business to go.


creating an iconic brand to stand out from the competition

We started from the beginning, honing in on The Kind Store’s unique personality, essence and customer base. We also kept in mind Tash’s dreams of creating her own Kind Store product range so wanted a brand that would look great in people’s sustainable homes. We needed to create a brand that stood out, felt on-trend and iconic with a warm, kind feel that avoided the green cliches.


instant trust & Brand recognition

So, how did we do it? First, Tash and I sat down together to dive into what makes The Kind Store unique.We…


  • Uncovered her brand roots
  • Identified The Kind Store’s “brand wow”
  • Got clear on her ideal audience
  • Tuned into a brand feeling that made Natasha feel both confident and connected

Then the iconic visuals were created! The Kind Store branding is stronger: fun, cool and modern with iconic patterns and splodges that reflect their organic products in a playful way. A logo mark uses a retro font, with a warm and modern twist through pastel colouring and hand drawn elements to reflect the hand curated products The Kind Store stocks.

As The Kind Store grew and grew Tash had big ideas after taking on staff and moving to a larger bespoke warehouse unit. We supported this growth by creating extra print items and concepts. A year later they launched a subscription service, custom bowls, apparel, gift cards and gift boxes. The brand had been formed with the future in mind so add-on’s were easily created and retained that core brand essence that made the Kind Store such a success!


Deliverables: • Full Brand Identity • Packaging Design • Social Media Templates • Postcards & Delivery Notes

organic growth & a brand that everyone talks about!

Since the re-brand The Kind Store has taken on staff, expanded their range, massively increased their customer conversions, been featured in several national magazines, influential blogs and podcasts and is now at the forefront of the UK vegan and plastic-free online beauty world! Not just that, Natasha’s now a lot more confident in sending The Kind Store out into the world too…

Having my own brand identity has completed my store and enabled me to grow as it’s my guide book for everything I do. Everything now syncs together and The Kind Store is now a company that I’m proud to show off!

Improving my branding has enabled many things. We now have greater brand awareness and improved customer engagement as I now have a recognisable logo and colour palette. The store feels like a proper store rather than a ‘one-woman-band’ and we’ve been featured in Forbes, the Guardian and other publications.

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