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If you’re struggling with brand disconnect or are ready to refresh your brand experience, then explore the collection of practical branding workshops, courses and books. Let’s help you create the brand that’ll share your unique business powerfully with the world.

…when you need to build a brand from the ground up


The Brand Builder Course has been carefully crafted to give you the right tools to uncover your brand roots and build your brand. Sustainably.

In just a few weeks, you’ll build a brand that has authenticity, WOW and impact. You’ll get the inside look at the sustainable brand-building process I use with my clients, so you too can have a brand that creates a lasting impact!

….when you need to refocus your brand, quickly

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…when you need to find out what makes your brand unique


Branding doesn’t have to be so complicated. Sometimes, just a few small tweaks are all you need to get your business back in alignment with your brand. 

In my 45-minute branding workshop, you’ll learn how to harness the power of your brand to create a memorable experience by uncovering what makes your brand unique. You’ll discover that magic thing that makes people think ‘WOW’ the moment they discover your brand.


….when you’re ready to explore the strategy behind your brand


Uncover your brand roots and find clarity on the deeper purpose of your brand.

You’ll be guided to journal and reflect on questions that encourage you to think deeply about your brand to capture your unique essence. With some of the key exercises from the Brand Builder Course included, you’ll soon discover the ‘why’ behind your work.


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Branding is just one part of your business puzzle. Browse the hand-picked courses below to discover new options that’ll teach you about marketing, copywriting, promotion and plenty more. All in an ethical and sustainable way.

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In my emails, I share authentic branding advice and ethical business tips to help you grow your business sustainably, alongside thoughts from my wanderings in the wilderness.

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