Creative business coaching & Mentoring for creatives, designers & purpose-led business owners

Natural and expansive creative business mentor & coach

creative business mentor & coach

feeling lost in the woods with your business?

When you’re starting out, it’s easy to feel muddled with all the business advice that feels out of sync with your own natural rhythms.

Perhaps you too are put off by shouty coaches and noisy ego-driven entrepreneurs. All those formulas don’t seem to fit you and your business. You feel stuck, want clarity and an authentic way to run your business.


Tread your own business path with confidence.

I offer an alternative kind of creative mentoring for freedom-loving, natural and authentic business souls. We start with a nature-inspired exploration to unearth your vision and uncover what’s holding you back. Together, we’ll develop a mentoring and coaching journey tailored to your unique business goals and strengths.


creating an aligned business can help you feel grounded and inspired so your business can grow without burning you out.

Tread your own business path with confidence.
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Do you feel like your business is running you, rather than you running the business?

Perhaps you crave more freedom and time out in nature, but you feel guilty and anxious about taking time off. Or maybe you know you’re stuck doing things you hate and can’t see a way forward with your business.

The truth is creating more freedom in your business often is about taking gentle steps to tread your own path. Coaching and mentoring can support you to do this. We’ll set mini goals and exercises to inspire you to take aligned action and make practical changes.

expansive, calm & nurturing
creative business mentoring & coaching for…

How Outsourcing Graphic Design can help with your Business Burnout
  • Creative business owners, designers and service-based solopreneurs who are looking for a more natural way of doing business
  • Soulful small business owners who crave more time, space and freedom in their business
  • Intuitive entrepreneurs who want to tread their own path in a calm, kind, sustainable and effortless way
  • Designers and creatives who need support growing, developing and finding their zone of genius
  • Highly Sensitive or neuro-divergent entrepeneurs who struggle to follow the usual formulas and feel burned out ‘hustling’
  • Small business owners looking to develop a memorable brand
A guide to light your way

how can a creative business mentor & coach help you?

As a solopreneur, the business journey can feel lonely. Creative Business Coaching & Mentoring gives you space to chat through frustrations and ideas and figure out a way forward together. I’m here to guide you with intuitive wisdom and inspiration as well as practical branding and business help. 


What clients say about business mentoring

“I started working with Charlotte in a coaching capacity in the months leading up to the relaunch of my business. At the time I had been feeling stuck, wanting to find cohesiveness in my business between my diverse range of skills, passions and offers that felt in stark contrast to one another.

At countless times throughout our coaching journey, Charlotte has offered profound wisdom and insight, the kind that only comes from years of experience. I have gone from working in my business alongside other paid work, to now working full time in my business! After 4 months of working together, I could not be more delighted with how empowered I feel, how connected to my business I am, and the overall results so far.

Where most messaging towards business owners is to go bigger, harder, faster, and add more more more, Charlotte models and imparts a grounded, intuitive, uncluttered and ethical posture for business.

I cannot recommend working with Charlotte in a mentoring and coaching capacity highly enough. It will transform your business and change your life in all the very best of ways. Thank you Charlotte for being my guide at this significant stage of my business journey, and helping me to put down roots for the kind of business I always wanted to build but didn’t know how!”

Stacey, The Rewildery, Copywriter & Wild Retreat Guide

“I came to you, feeling a bit muddled in my own head about everything to do with the next steps for my business. With your help I now feel much clearer on where to take my brand and do the marketing that feels right for me, and not what everyone else tells me!”

Marie, Urban Based Herbalist

“You have sparked within me a renewed energy for focusing on my business.

This has even resulted in me creating a working schedule for the week, with blocked off time to work on my messaging, the digital products I want to sell, research, learning, website maintenance – basically everything that will help me grow!

You have helped me on the road to becoming the businesswoman I want to be and I can’t thank you enough!”

Rachael, Business Consultant

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meet your freedom-loving creeative business mentor

Hello, I’m Charlotte! 

I know how hard it can be to build a business aligned with your values, and like me, you may be looking for a way to do things differently – quietly and bravely.

Over my 5+ years of running a business, I’ve experienced burnout months, overwhelm, comparison, and doubt. But through my journey, I discovered I could tread my own path. I learned how to create a business that grows organically and gives me the freedom I crave. I love sharing the wisdom and insights from my journey to help creative free-spirits build aligned businesses.

When I’m not growing brands, you’ll find me out in the wilderness – hiking, wild swimming, and exploring in my VW T4 campervan ‘Autumn’. It’s where my best ideas find me.

    Find your way with a trusted guide & mentor

    The wisdom I bring to our creative business mentoring sessions:


    Experience building my own and other purpose-driven successful brands, with a deep understanding of how to grow your business authentically.


    Inspiration for alternative ways of doing business that are kind to ourselves, people and the planet whilst still making a healthy income to support a fulfilling life.


    A talent for cutting through the noise and thinking bravely and intuitively to overcome your business problems.


    An accredited Eco-Psychology Nature Connection qualification and PGCE (teaching qualification) to guide you through nature-inspired exercises with an understanding of how to nurture your talent.

    how does Creative business mentoring & coaching work?


    Book your free chat to explore how we can work through your current business frustrations or goals.


    If we are a good fit, we can book your 3 or 6 month+ mentoring journey. You’ll start with a guided in-nature ‘unearthing your vision’ workshop to set intentions and explore your business vision intuitively.


    Each month, we meet online for a one hour mentoring session where we will explore any issues, create plans, and you can draw on my business support. I’ll also bring in guided nature-based activities when appropriate.


    After the mentoring session, I’ll outline what we covered and set you actionable and achievable goals and share any mini activities and useful resources.


    You can reach out for email support between sessions and I’ll reply or send recorded video guidance. This is perfect if you have a decision to make and you’d like my perspective.


    You can carry on with monthly email ‘Ask me Anything’ support once our mentoring journey has finished, or book further sessions if required.

    In-person, in nature mentoring sessions available too.

    build strong business roots

    Business mentor & CoachING for creative business owners

    From £200 per month

    Includes: Live 1 hr Online Monthly Mentoring Session + Email Support

    (3 or 6+ month journeys available)

    Ready to create a naturally thriving business?
    Book a free 20-minute mini-mentoring session to see how I can help.

    one-to-one workshop

    unearthing your vision workshop


    Includes: 1/2 Day Nature-Based Workshop, Action Points, Business Review

    Also Available Remotely

    Let’s unearth your unique vision and find a clear path forward!

    when the roots are strong there is no need to fear the wind

    let's talk branding...

    Get in touch to find out about my branding, website and design services or to ask any questions.

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