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Your small business website is your space to organically connect, inspire and communicate the value of your amazing brand, services or products – and if it’s letting you down then it’s time for a refresh.

Our affordable Squarespace website templates are designed with heart and soul to empower your small business to grow organically. No more frustration and hours wasted trying to DIY your website, or feeling embarrassed to share it with the world….just confidence and a deep sense of pride from a website that looks good and does good for your business.

Squarespace Small Business Website Design UK

WEbsite connection

Each template has been designed with proven website conversion strategies, copywriting prompts, sustainable design principles, SEO and more to create a striking website for your small business that sells what you do with confidence.

Squarespace Small Business Website Design UK


Expertly crafted to stand out from cheap, overly busy-looking templates that you’ve seen hundreds of times. Our 10+ years working in the website and design industry have been distilled to create timeless and memorable designs.

Squarespace Small Business Website Design UK


As your business grows and changes your website is fully yours to update and expand with easy-to-follow tutorials. You can also add on extra support or get us to customise the template for you and apply your branding.

Squarespace Website Design Template UK Small Business
Squarespace Website Design Template UK Small Business
Website Templates UK Squarespace Website Designer
Squarespace Website Design Template UK Small Business

Designed intentionally to:


✓ Boost your online presence
✓ Connect you with ideal customers
✓ Increase your sales and enquiries
✓ Feel calm and joyful for your customers to browse.

a semi-custom squarespace website template is for you if…

  • You feel burned out using social media to promote your business and dream of connecting with your perfect customers in a way that feels organic.
  • You are struggling to stand out from everyone else who offers a similair service.
  • You’ve tried to create a website using DIY templates but it’s taken you so long as you can’t seem to get your website to flow or look right.
  • Your website is outdated and un-professional looking and you dread sharing it with the world!
  • You know you need a better website but feel overwhelmed so keep putting it off.


I feel so much more connected with my brand and website and it feels good to share it with the world!

My nature and wellbeing business has evolved so much over the last few years and I felt disconnected from my brand and website. I really wanted to refresh my brand and website so it reflected my work and purpose and I needed to find solutions that worked within my current budget

I absolutely love Charlotte’s organic and nature-inspired designs. For the first time ever I am enjoying spending time working on my online presence and website, which really is something as I much prefer to be in the woods!

The website and templates have meant that I can prioritise the things that I enjoy within my business, spend more time with clients and less time ‘faffing’ on Canva and website layouts.

Georgie, The Wild Revival

I love my website built using your first website template and always get SO many compliments on it!


Stacey, The Rewildery using The Wild Woods Template

create your small business website today

Find your perfect-fit design from our Squarespace Website Templates below….

Squarespace Website Design Template UK Small Business


Made for: nature-inspired brands, coaches and mentors, wild-hearted creatives, organic businesses

The Wild Wood Squarespace Premium Template is all about natural connection and warmth. An nature-inspired layout has been designed to feel welcoming whilst maintaining a professional feel. Hand-drawn elements add unique personality and a back-to-nature experience. Includes all the sections you need to communicate the value of your services or products and encourage dream enquiries and connections.

choose your base design & start building your DREAM website 

Website Templates UK Squarespace Website Designer
coming soon!


Made for: holistic wellness brands, therapists, yoga teachers, minimalist, calm, natural product businesses

Fern is coming soon! Inspired by the perfectly imperfect ‘Wabi Sabi’ style this template exudes a premium feel whilst also feeling calm, minimalist and stylishly natural. Includes shop pages, course or retreat sales pages and more.

How do I use a custom website template?


Choose the base design that fits with your overall business feel and purchase the template along with extra add-ons like the matching social templates and logo kit. If you don’t fancy DIYing it all, and like us to do everything for you then choose our ‘Website in a Week’ service.


We’ll then send out an email to transfer the template over to you and this should take around 2 days. Accept the template and it’s all yours to start customising!


Follow the easy to understand video guides to update your text, photos, colours and brand your site.

You’ll also be guided on basic SEO and how to add blogs, pages and more. Connect your domain and then go live when you are ready!


FAQ's About Using our Small Business Website Templates

Why should I choose these templates - how are they better?
Why should I choose these templates - how are they better?
A lot of the Squarespace templates out there have been overly designed without thinking of the end user, what information needs to be there and what customers want. There's always a lot of flashing, animation and unnecessary design elements that detract from the message and feel

Our templates have been designed with intention, backed by years of experience and knowing exactly what works so that your website will help your business stand out and grow.

You'll see bespoke customisation and design elements that aren't featured anywhere else and our templates are designed to be timeless and memorable...a bit like a handcrafted item that lasts for years, as opposed to a throwaway item that fades as quickly as the trend!

How can a better website help my business?
A great website helps your business look more professional with enquiries coming in organically through Google. Think of it as your 'online shop' – you want to welcome people in and encourage them to work with you or buy from you.

When people are comparing your brand to anothers they make instant decisions and will be clicking on several websites and making comparisons. It usually takes less than a few seconds for us to decide if a brand is right and a poorly designed website will instantly turn away potential customers.

Our website templates are designed to sell your services or products with ease – with layouts that guide the customer on a journey, giving them all the information and wowing them to take the next step and send an enquiry or purchase.

What happens after I've purchased the template?

You'll receive an email with instructions on signing up to Squarespace and also asking for the email you've signed up to Squarespace with. We'll then transfer your template over to you within 2 days. You simply accept the template and it will open up in your Squarespace account to start customising. You will also receive access to our guidance videos to help you update the template. When you are happy then you can go live and share your website with the world!

Can you create it all for me as I don't want to add my own content?

Yes we certainly can! We can apply your branding, logo and colours and fonts to the template with the 'Apply your Branding' add-on. Simply add this service on at checkout.  If you’d like us to help create the full website for you then take a look at our 'Website in a Week' service.

What additional costs are there on top of my Squarespace Website Template?

You’ll need a Squarespace Business Subscription you can find the cost for this here. You get 20% off for your first year as a bonus when you purchase. You’ll also need your own domain hosting. This can be purchased through Squarespace or through an external host. There are easy walk-through guides on how to do this. You can add on social templates and branding kits to match your template if you’d like to have a really cohesive and consistent experience.

If you’d like to use the logo featured in the template then you will need to purchase this as an add-on which you can find at the bottom of the template shop page and customise it with your brand name.

What if I get stuck or need some extra things adding to the template?

You can always book in a half or full Design Day and reach out with custom requests if you’d like any extra functionality and further customisations to your template. 

We also offer the following add-ons simply add these on from the product page.

  • Custom Apply Your Branding: We'll add in your logo, apply the colours, customise your header and footer so it's already matching your brand. Then you just need to add your copy and images.
  • Copy & SEO Spruce Up: We'll go through and refine your copy using proven copywriting techniques to encourage customers to take action. We'll also research the best keywords to include and SEO optimise your site so you can get found on google. 
  • You can also book in support hours for extra tweaks
What support do you offer?

Our templates are designed to be really easy to update and we have a range of video walkthroughs to guide you on how to update and make the template your own. You can contact us with any technical issues and if you’d like further support and guidance then you can always book in extra support hours or a Design Day. If you'd like us to do everything for you, adding your content and changing the branding then get in touch for a custom quote. 

We also offer a 'Copy Spruce Up' add-on where we will improve your copy so it is SEO friendly, and converts.

I'm not tech-savy can I update this myself?

Squarespace is very intuitive to use and the reason why we’ve chosen this platform. You can easily update the template in less than a day.

You’ll have access to a video training library which steps you through exactly how to manage and update your site (we literally walk you through your site and show you exactly how to change things).

If you would like more support and a completely ‘Done For You’ website then please do reach out with you project details or add the ‘Apply your Branding’ upgrade to your purchase.

What if I don't have my own branding or logo?

You can use the fonts and colours that come with the template and add on the logo template kit to create your own logo. If you'd like to DIY your brand then take The Brand Builder course where you will form your colours, fonts and logo. You can also explore our Design Shop and buy a brand kit or get in touch to enquire about a branding package.

What if I already have a website in Squarespace or somewhere else?

You can simply transfer your content over if you already have a website in Squarespace. You can then transfer your domain over to point to the new template. Squarespace support can help you do this if you aren't sure and we have a guide on how to do this too. If your website is in Wordpress, Wix, or another builder then again you simply transfer over the content manually. If you'd like support with this then get in touch and we can help!

What about SEO? How can I make sure my website gets found?

We provide a video talk-through lesson on how to make sure your website has everything included to help you get found on Google. We also show you how to understand your website analytics and see which keywords you should include. SEO is an on-going thing and takes a bit of understanding and analysis each month. Add on our 'Copywriting Spruce Up' and we'll make sure your copy targets the right keywords for your business, and is written to persuade and encourage enquiries and sales.

Can I use this site for Clients or more than 1 site?

You need to purchase the site every time you'd like to use it for a different domain as this is your license and copyright. You can use the site for a client but again you would need to purchase the site again if you want to use it more than once.

put down strong roots with a website that creates organic growth for your business