Brand Roots strategy workshops

Book an outdoor, in-nature branding strategy workshop with me to define your brand, vision your dream business and overcome your current business blocks.

how can a branding strategy workshop help your business?

My brand roots strategy workshop dives deep into your brand and business purpose. We will uncover the current blocks you are facing and how we can formulate an authentic brand strategy to help overcome them and reach your business dreams and goals.

You will have the chance to talk through the things making you feel frustrated about your brand or business during our branding workshop and I’ll work through my proven nature-based brand positioning exercises with you. 

You’ll finish our branding strategy workshop feeling clear, confident and in alignment!

a branding strategy workshop can help you if… 

  • You feel your brand is muddled and confused and want to go through activities to open up your thinking and truly define your brand
  • You are just starting out, not sure what to focus on and want to put down strong brand roots
  • You started your business without truly understanding branding and now want to dig deep to empower your business to grow in the right direction
  • You love immersive, focussed, interactive activities that get you thinking creatively and with innovation and give you profound, powerful results.

“Thank you very much for guiding us and the team yesterday on your Brand Roots  Strategy Workshop. The feedback from everyone is that they really got a lot out of the strategy day and feel much clearer on what needs to change, what makes us so unique and how to communicate that more!

What I really liked to see was that we were all aligned on the main values and vision of the company, this is something that we forget in the day to day weeds of running a business. Also these values came clearer to us so thank you for that.”

Katie, Head of Marketing Microbz Probiotics

“I feel much more driven and more confident with my business and have a more well-defined purpose after our Brand Roots Workshop and business exploration.

After 8 years I wanted to reposition my business to better represent my purpose and beliefs. The strategy workshop was great and Charlotte helped me to learn a lot about my vision and goals for my business through her questions and activities. I wanted to work with Charlotte because her values align with my business. She understood what I wanted to achieve and I trust in her process completely!”

Paul founder of Root Web Design Agency

“I felt disconnected to my business. Over the last 18 months I had changed a lot as a person and I also wanted my business to go in a slightly different direction. My business didn’t reflect who I was, my values, mission or who I wanted to work with but I didn’t know exactly where the problem was or how to fix it by myself.

Being able to work outside with Charlotte was so refreshing. Having the space to think in beautiful surroundings allowed my thinking to grow. Ideas came easily, I felt inspired, making my mission clearer and far more solid and grounded.

Since the re-brand and brand roots worksop I feel really excited, enthusiastic and motivated to drive Be Your Best Version forward.”

Sophie founder of Be Your Best Version: Sustainable Leadership Coach

what we cover in your brand roots strategy workshop…

Online Branding Course Sustainable Business
  • Outdoor in-nature activities to prompt creative thinking and big ideas
  • Your brand purpose
  • Your brand mission
  • Your ‘why’ and business vision
  • Work out the people you’d like to attract and how to build a deep connection with them
  • What makes your brand unique
  • Your original brand personality
  • Your brand positioning, competitors and opportunities
  • How your brand will stand out authentically
  • Your current business blocks and how to overcome them
  • Your overall brand strategy plan as a document delivered after our session with my expert brand insights and actionable steps.
  • * option to work with me on your full brand or website experience after the workshop

in your branding strategy workshop I will work intuitively with you so that you feel understood, heard and back on your path!


Social Media Design Package

hearing your inner voice

I won’t be telling you forecefully what to do but will encourage you through thoughtful questions, activities and branding workshop prompts to get you back in tune with your own voice to hear what’s right for your brand and business.

providing my branding wisdom and knowledge

I’ve had over 10+ years experience working in branding and over 5 years running my own business. I’ve also worked with a range of leading sustainable brands and solopreneurs so bring all that experience to our branding strategy workshop.

Branding Project Information

goals & actions in alignment with your personality

I believe we are all unique, original and diverse and what works for one person, will be a massive ‘no’ for another! I will empathetically guide you with goals and actions that suit the talents you have and the unique way you work.

intuitive & Sensitive guidance

There’s a lot of ego and ‘I know best’ around in business when really we need more heart and soul! I’m sure you are already feeling overwhelmed with all the ‘should do’s’ out there so my branding workshops are aimed at clearing that noise and working out what is right for you.


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