It’s always good to hear back from happy clients that I have worked with on their branding projects. You can read and watch some of my brand stories and reviews below…

Paul founder of Root an eco-friendly web studio

Paul’s brand frustration

Paul the founder of Root had ran his successful web design agency for over 8 years but as he grew he felt his current positioning didn’t match the clients he wanted to attract. We repositioned his brand, undertaking a brand strategy workshop out in nature to really get clear on how the new brand will operate, along with where he wanted his business to go and grow. This ensured the brand identity and new positioning would empower Paul to take the next steps for his business.

Paul’s brand transformation

Here’s how Paul found our branding process…

“After 8 years I wanted to reposition my business to better represent my purpose and beliefs. Rebranding with Creative Wilderness has helped to achieve that change and stand out to the right audience I want to work with. I wanted to work with the studio because their values align with my business. 

I feel much more driven and confident with my business and have a well-defined purpose.

The early responses to the new branding have been very positive. One comment has been “It does feel a lot more you” which I think sums up how well Creative Wilderness listened to, understood and interpreted my brief.

Sophie founder of Be Your Best Version

sophie’s brand frustration

“I felt disconnected to my brand. Over the last 18 months I had changed a lot as a person and I also wanted my business to go in a slightly different direction. My branding didn’t reflect who I was, my values, mission or who I wanted to work with but I didn’t know exactly where the problem was or how to fix it by myself.
Nature is really important to me and I wanted it to be an integral part of my brand. I saw Charlotte had embedded nature so beautifully in her own brand so I knew she could do the same for me.”

Sophie’s brand transformation

Here’s how Sophie found our branding process…

Charlotte has a quiet authority about her that instantly drew me in. I loved her work, her values and vision and I just knew that she would listen to me and understand me. Nature is really important to me and I wanted it to be an integral part of my brand. 

Being able to work outside with Charlotte was so refreshing. Having the space to think in beautiful surroundings allowed my thinking to grow. Ideas came easily, I felt inspired, making my mission clearer and far more solid and grounded.


Since the re-brand and brand exploration workshop I feel really excited, enthusiastic and motivated to drive Be Your Best Version forward. To see my new brand take shape has been so powerful. I loved working with Creative Wilderness and the brand she’s created encapsulates everything I wanted and so much more. And more than anything I feel connected to my business once again!

Shameek co-founder of OMVITS

shameek’s brand frustration

Shameek, one of the co-founders of OMVITS came to me feeling lacklustre and stuck with their current branding. He said they were selling their products fairly well on-line but the current brand wouldn’t support their exciting business plans and mission to save the oceans whilst providing plant-based supplements to support the nations health. He realised they didn’t have an iconic or memorable brand and felt they were at a point where they couldn’t grow their business any further without some expert branding help.


Shameek’s brand transformation

Since the re-brand OMVITS are now at the forefront of the sustainable vitamin industry with marine-friendly pouches. They are collaborating with leaders in the plant-based nutrition and fitness fields and recently sponsored a world record attempt!

They’ve more than doubled their turnover within a year of launching the new brand identity and regularly feature on sites such as Buzz Feed, Mens Health, Huff Post and more.

“You are a Branding Rock Star! You’ve done an amazing job on our re-brand and we couldn’t be happier!”

Rachel from InsideOut Wellness

Rachael’s brand frustration

Rachael is the co-founder of Inside Out Wellness a holistic wellness brand. She felt their current branding was too clinical. They have moved to providing a more holistic service and their branding was putting their new customer base off and failing to attract the type of customer who would be interested in their offering.

They wanted to exude the feel of a wellness spa as opposed to clinical space and convey their influences ranging from chakra therapy to a soon to launch wellness training academy.

The inside out brand transformation

Here’s how Rachael found our branding process…

“There are no words to effectively convey how incredibly impressed I am with the branding Creative Wilderness have created. She understood exactly what I wanted my business to represent and encapsulated it into a new brand identity.

She really is talented, I absolutely love the new branding and the brand pack is so comprehensive it contains everything I need and more. I would definitely recommend Charlotte and would not hesitate to work with her again in the unlikely event that I want to rebrand in the future!”

Having my own brand book has completed my store and enabled me to grow as it’s my guide book for everything I do. Everything now syncs together and The Kind Store is now a company that I’m proud to show off.

Improving my branding has enabled many things. Firstly, a greater brand awareness and improved customer engagement as I now have a recognisable logo and colour palette. The store feels like a proper store rather than a ‘one-woman-band’ and we’ve been featured in Forbes, the Guardian and other publications. Magazines such as Vegan Life have also been keen to hear from me about building a business.

Natasha Tyler

The Kind Store

I was introduced to Charlotte and fell in love with her work. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I‘ve made in my career because she hit my vision on the nail! I swooned every time she sent me her suggestions and I spent a warm, sunny winter weekend at my desk implementing her design to my website and have received so many compliments ever since!

I‘m sure I‘ll come back to add how much of a sales increase her design has given me and with that, my clients. Until then I‘ll continue using her amazing templates and graphic collateral in my marketing materials! Thanks, Charlotte, you‘re helping me and my clients save animals and our environment with your brilliant talent!

Jessica Lohmann

Ethical Brand Marketing

We are now commissioning Charlotte and her team for the second time as she is a dream to work with and has created the ideal campaign for us in a short space of time! Charlotte comes across not only passionate about design but also about using her skills and experience to make social change. Charlotte helped us to visualise and brand a city-wide strategy all about the importance of adult learning and fair and equal opportunities for all. Charlotte you are generally a lovely person to work with and I am looking forward to continuing to grow our relationship!

Sherelle Fairweather, Manchester City Council | Work & Skills Project Leader

Charlotte was without doubt, the best designer I could have hoped for. Not only was it important to me to have a beautiful end product, it added so much to the experience to have someone on board who not only could provide that, but who also took the time to really understand the concept of the business and get enthusiastic about it.

The finished designs were exactly what I wanted and it was so easy to get this point as the lines of communication were exceptionally clear with Charlotte. It’s always scary in the digital age to put your ideas in the hands of someone you may not have met before but Charlotte really does eliminate that fear by being so open and receptive to ideas. Would recommend to everyone!

Nicole Mitrovic

Go for Woke

Charlotte did a superb job designing my chocolate boxes. Completely hit the nail on the head. All done promptly, but very professionally too.

David Chricton

Masterchef 2018 Finalist

Charlotte has been such a dream to work with. She immediately understood what I was hoping for with my Brand and provided honest feedback when I had queries and questions. The whole process was so smooth and hassle free!
Hannah Collier

Margot Frances

Charlotte was amazing to work with, exceptionally patient and provided us with great guidance. This was our first time working on creating our brand with anyone outside of our team, she really understood who we are and what feelings we are trying to convey. Great experience!
Leah Tremblay

Green Ninja

I’m absolutely thrilled with it Charlotte! You really are super brilliant at what you do. You literally got into my head and brought it to life!
Victoria Cartwright

The Live Kindly Drinks Company

I’m so made up with everything Charlotte. It’s been an absolute pleasure seeing the project grow over the past few months. A strong brand is so important these days and what you have created is something very personal, not only to me, but now my team as well. Thank you.
James Douglas

Blackshaws Kitchen

I had a few meetings with different people to see what they could do for my website. They all had different ideas but Charlotte at Creative Wilderness made it feel like she understood what I was going for straight from the start.

The mood boards were great for me to understand how my website would look without having to imagine it. It made the whole process less stressful for me as I could see what she was trying to achieve.

Thank you so much for everything you did for me and will definitely be using you again in the future.




I found Charlotte’s company online and was slightly uncertain about working with someone I hadn’t met. I needn’t have worried. Charlotte takes you through an intuitive collaborative process and I have ended up with a brand which I love and look forward to using and sharing. I know what I have fits me perfectly. Thank you Charlotte
Antoinette Menzies

Little Owl Amigurumi

As a novice in the area of graphic design I opted to seek out a local business that could create a logo for our brand. I was totally unaware of the process and felt like I needed some guidance in the whole process of logo design. I honestly feel like I received the best support imaginable and I am incredibly grateful for the patience given by Creative Wilderness. In regards to the logo I couldn’t be happier. They listened to my thoughts and correctly inputted them into the logo. I didn’t have to push them for a finish date – everything was done promptly and to the highest standard. Charlotte and her team are an excellent graphic design team and you can see from their early work they are going to smash it in this industry. Stop in Stockport
Shaun Freeman

Stop in Stockport

Creative Wilderness was recommended to me and I could not have been happier with the branding package produced for me. I have already had many compliments on the signage/branding for my new shop and as someone new to this, Creative Wilderness guided me through the process and ensured it was completely stress free. They went over and above what was expected and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future or to recommend them.
Racahel Wood

Wag & Bone

“Creative Wilderness really came through for us and helped us deliver something fresh and current which we can’t wait to showcase to our clients. They delivered above and beyond what we expected and pulled out all the stops to meet our 3 week turnaround time. We can’t wait to work on future projects with you!”
Jenni Matthews

Thorns Group