OMVITS: sustainable brand identity

OMVITS create sustainable vitamins delivered in plastic-free marine friendly packaging. They are true pioneers and within the brand identity, I explored ways to convey this through a  brand experience that felt invigorating and innovative. We crafted a complete brand identity including innovative plastic-free packaging, tone of voice, bespoke textures, brand guidelines, icons and more.⁠


• brand strategy • brand positioning • brand analysis • brand identity • tone of voice

• copy guidelines • packaging design • photo styling • website assets • social media styling • print materials

before the re-brand
  • Selling well on-line but they felt they didn’t have an iconic or memorable brand.
  • Increasing competition meant their supplements started to look cheap.
  • Packaging which didn’t reflect their quality ingredients or sustainable sourcing.
  • They wanted to be a change-making, lifestyle and disruptive brand and their current visuals weren’t communicating that.
after the re-brand
  • At the forefront of the sustainable vitamin industry with innovate marine-friendly pouches.
  • Officially ranked as a national “Best Seller” by Amazon for the entire Omega-3 category which includes hundreds of established fish oil brands.
  • Collaborating with leaders in the plant-based nutrition and fitness fields and recently sponsored a world record attempt
  • Iconic branding that feels cohesive and powerful.
  • Reflects their passion for protecting the ocean.
  • Stands out from the bland vitamin bottles when people are searching online.
  • Deep thought underpinning a memorable brand concept that sticks in peoples minds.

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