I’ve appeared as a guest of several podcasts where I chat about ethical business, my branding tips and advice, how I got into design and became self-employed along with general creativity tips! You can listen to a few of these podcasts below…

Can running your own business really bring you more flexibility and freedom? Find out my approach to balancing my time between work and outdoor adventures by listening to this episode of About The Adventure podcast. During this interview I also share the importance of my personal values that feed into my work as an ethical branding designer, why spending time in nature is so important to me, and a behind the scenes peek into creating The Brand Builder Course.

This is the longest episode yet, packed full of valuable wisdom and honest reflection. 

Tune in to this episode of About The Adventure Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, About The Adventure website, or click on this magic link to listen on your favourite app.

I think that this episode will be particularly valuable to people interested in branding, ethical business, sustainability, and creating work grounded by personal values. I think it will also appeal to anyone who is thinking about working as a freelancer, starting a business, or creating an online course.

I was so excited to chat with Kayte from @simpleandseason on her podcast this month. We did a coaching session which talks through how I can launch and sell my course without feeling ‘yuck’! 

I chat through why I wanted to create a course, the crazy career path I’ve had before becoming self-employed, and some of the struggles I’ve faced during the creation of my course (which I am 90% finished!).

In this episode we talk all about the new course I am creating on building a brand, some of the mindset blocks I have around the traditional ways of selling e-courses and some tactics and ideas to start selling my course in a way that feels good.

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by The Ethical Hour with Charlotte from Creative Wilderness

I loved chatting on The Ethical Hour podcast as it is one of my favourites! In this episode we discuss branding, finding your values and so much more – from supporting small businesses to overcoming entrepreneurial loneliness and smashing the myths behind success. I also talk about hows it’s possible to redefine success and start living on your own terms, and in today’s episode I share practical tips to show us how.

I discuss my favourite branding projects and how I approach design in a different way. I’m also sharing tips on how to define your values as a business and how they underpin everything you do.

We talk about how being a nice, ethical, intuitive and community orientated person is key to how I run my business.  And even better, it actually works in my favour.

Amongst other things, we talk about how to manage being a highly sensitive person, the importance of good head shots, and how to use social media in a way that feels genuine.

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And we mention the book The Highly Sensitive Person

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Creative Conversations

by Lucy Butler featuring Charlotte from Creative Wilderness

The fourth episode of #CreativeConversations was recorded at Hope Studios with by Lucy Butler. Lucy has interviewed 10 Manchester based creatives for this season. We chat about why I started an ethical design agency, how I run an ethical business, my journey into design via music and a zine that I set up along with general self-employment chat, tips and branding advice.



by Head Rest with Creative Wilderness

In this podcast I chat with Benjamin from Head Rest about mindfulness and self employment and the things that have helped me carve out a different path and way of doing business. 

We discuss how daily mindful rituals have helped with energy, inspiration, creativity and enjoyment. We also compare how we work in a different way with an ethical focus and how we craft our working days to embrace our natural rhythms and energy levels. There are also some tips on how to make little changes to bring you back and get into a state of flow where the best work and ideas happen!


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