wilderness Walks for your business

Nature, business connection and mentoring walks and day's in Peak District, Cheshire, Stockport, Manchester and beyond.

Find clarity, explore your ideas, solve business problems and connect with your business vision outdoors in nature. You’ll return feeling inspired, de-stressed, grounded and empowered to tread your own path in business and life. 

A Wilderness Walk blends business coaching and mentoring with proven nature-based activities, and therapeutic practices to restore your passion, confidence and inspiration. 

Nothing has had such such a profound impact on my business as getting out into nature and walking has. Over the years I realised that the different ways to walk in nature, and unearthing activites helped me feel ‘ah yes that’s it!’ –that deep exhale of finally finding an answer that has been rubbing my feet for months.

Instead of wandering aimlessly around struggling to make progress talking it through, or searching online for hours you will head outside into nature with me. If you’re exploring a new business idea, trying to solve a problem, formulating your next steps, or just need some space to calm down and re-center…then a Wilderness Walk is for you! You’ll experience an intuitive coaching walk, carefully chosen nature space and nature activities to help you find the wisdom and clarity you are searching for.

The results are always so incredibly powerful!



wilderness walks give you…



  • Mindful moments in nature online of offline to experience stillness and peace of mind
  • Guided prompts to dive deeper on your business purpose and goals
  • Space to meaningfully connect with your bigger business vision
  • Chance to naturally talk through business ideas and solve problems 
  • Space to connect with your brand outdoors and collaborate on ideas with me
  • A range of nature activities to bring about fresh ideas 
  • I choose a ‘walk’ or natural space and activity to fit with what you are looking for help with. Different spaces and different ways of walking bring different results so I’ll make sure your experience is the perfect fit…just like that great pair of hiking boots!

nature is not a place to visit it is home.

Charlotte smiling at camera
Meet your Wilderness Walk Guide

Hello I’m Charlotte, the founder of Creative Wilderness and creator of Wilderness Walks. I create inspirational wilderness walks, nature workshops, outdoor days, eco-wellbeing sessions for businesses, organisations, schools and individuals.

My experience includes…


  • Leader of nature connection sessions and Wilderness Walks to businesses around the UK
  • Delivered training to trainee teachers on how to bring nature into your school with the Wildlife Trust
  • Co-ran Nature Wellbeing courses with Cheshire Wildlife Trust
  • Led ‘Mindful Walks’ for walking festivals and events
  • Regular walk leader with the Manchester & District Ramblers
  • Highly Accredited Level 2 in Eco-Therapy & Nature Connection with The Natural Academy
  • Bushcraft Level 1
  • 6 month Foraging mentorship
  • Experience of Forest Bathing
  • Feaured in The Ramblers Walk Magazine, BBC News, BBC Radio Manchester, Starling Bank sharing my unique approach taking business owners out into nature
  • Over 5+ years in business building with the support of nature practices that have truly supported my and my clients journey and success
  • And a liftetime of connecting with nature through climbing mountains, strolling through woodlands, clambering up hills and immersing in nature!

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Wilderness walks & days for
businesses & organisations 

I offer my ‘Wilderness Walks’ for businesses, not-for-profits, charities and solopreneurs. Improve your business wellbeing and unearth fresh insights and connections! Half or Full Day Options with locations to suit what you are looking for (along with covered, campfire spaces too).

Simply get in touch with me to find out more.