wilderness walks

Nature and business connection walks in Cheshire, Stockport & Manchester

Immerse yourself in nature, find clarity, chat through ideas, solve business problems, connect with like-minded business owners and enjoy space outside to walk and enjoy the fresh air too on a Wilderness Walk! You will return feeling inspired, de-stressed, grounded and empowered to tread your own path in business and life.


what happens on a wilderness walk?

For 3 hours (or sometimes a little longer) you’ll be guided through nature and also take time to connect with others.

Getting out into nature has had a deeply profound effect on how I’ve built my business, come up with ideas, and stayed true to my purpose. ⁠Its also great to get away from the screen and collaborate without the usual networking “yuck” feeling!

    wilderness walks give you…
    • Mindful moments in nature to experience stillness and peace of mind
    • Guided prompts to dive deeper on your business purpose and goals
    • Space to meaningfully connect with like-minded people without the extrovert networking ‘yuck!’ feeling
    • Chance to naturally talk through business ideas and solve problems 

    nature is not a place to visit it is home.

    how to join a wilderness walk…
    • Simply book your space and have your ticket on your phone
    • Turn up 10 minutes before the start
    • Bring waterproofs and appropriate footwear
    • Option to stay at the end for a cup of tea or bring your own lunch
    • Refunds not offered although if you can’t make it simply gift your ticket to someone else!

    upcoming wilderness walks…

    Thursday 2nd December: KINDER RESERVOIR

    The last Wilderness Walk of the year and a special longer one to give us time to reflect on the year and enjoy the spectacular views of the Peak District!

    We will be walking up towards Kinder Reservoir, looping around over streams, waterfalls and through trees before descending back down. This is a stunning walk, you feel truly in the Wilderness with spectacular views of the majestic ‘Kinder Scout’ along the way too.

    This walk will include guided prompts to reflect on the year and also set some intentions and plans for next year in a gentle way inspired by nature.


    The Wilderness Day: January 2021

    A guided day in the wilderness to set your new year business intentions, goals, explore your creative ideas and more. Forming this away from the noise and using nature to guide you. 

    Morning: Walk, guided nature activites, mindful nature experiences

    Afternoon: Lunch, Visioning Activities, Collective Support and Goals




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    Wilderness walks for
    businesses & organisations 

    I also offer my ‘Wilderness Walks’ for businesses, charities and more to improve your business wellbeing and lead to new insights and connections, plus a wonderful walk in the countryside! Half or Full Day Options.

    Simply get in touch with me on the form below to find out more.


    book a private wilderness
    walk coaching session

    If you’d like to book a private wilderness walk with me to coach you on your business, or help you form your brand and find clarity then join me for 3 hours. Available within 1 hour of the Manchester, Cheshire, and Stockport area. Contact me on the form below to find out more and book your space.



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