branding workshop: Finding your Brand WOW!

An online remote branding workshop to help you find your Brand Niche or WOW!

A branding workshop to find your brand WOW and help your business stand out from the crowd!

You’ve got the basics sorted. The business idea, the visual branding, the core messages on your website… but what about the magic…your brand niche?

This online branding workshop isn’t about making big changes. It’s about sprinkling just enough originality to make you stand out from the crowd. 

That’s what makes your brand memorable.

Brilliant, Simple and Easy to Follow!

Charlotte is an engaging teacher that can talk every brand owner through the basic steps of branding to create a deeper connection with customers and an ideal look to connect with people. Congratulations on a brilliant workshop!

Jannine – Marketing Strategist.

So much great stuff packed into one session!

I’m working my way through the exercises as we speak as it really opened my eyes to ways you can uncover your WOW quickly.

Kerry-Anne PR & Content Creation

Incredibly Inspiring

The branding workshop was incredible inspiring and I valued that you shared practical tips on how to get clarity for your brand and how to communicate this to the world.


Louise, Author & Copywriter


it’s time to uncover your brand WOW through my online branding workshop!

Improve your brand connection and build deep and meaningful relationships with your customers.

The kind of relationships that make them stick with you for life, rather than wandering over to Google to search for the brand with the best deal.

In this 45-minute Online Branding Workshop, you’ll learn how to harness the power of your brand to create a memorable experience by uncovering your brand niche. You’ll discover that magic thing that makes people think ‘WOW’ the moment they discover your brand.

Uncover what makes your brand unique and different to the rest so you can stand out from the crowded market


Become brave and original. No more copying other businesses and feeling confused. Understand your unique brand personality and why this is so important.


Learn how to get your brand noticed and make a lasting impression on potential customers


Feel authentic and aligned with how you market and communicate your brand


Improve the areas that you are frustrated with and you know are stopping your business from reaching more customers


Branding Workshop
Branding Workshop

What’s included in the online branding workshop? 

In this 45 minute online branding workshop, you’ll be guided through key lessons, thought-provoking exercises and easy activities to follow at home. You will…

  • Learn how to communicate your ‘why’ or your brand purpose
  • Discover how to weave your visual storytelling, messaging and marketing together
  • Get clarity on how you want people to feel when they discover your brand
  • Figure out who your brand is for (and who it isn’t for)
  • Confirm the meaning you want to convey behind your brand messages
  • We’ll wrap things up with plenty of practical actions you can take right away.