Stop in Stockport Logo Design

The Stop in Stockport approached us to work with them on their logo design as a fellow Stockport based business. The team is a collaboration of young individuals who all share a passion for Things to do in Stockport. They had a vision of including iconic Stockport landmarks; blending the old with the new in a location style pin. We illustrated the viaduct that stands proud on the Stockport skyline, the Hat Museum which everyone passes on the train, and the modernist Pyramid. We kept the pin minimal with a grey and white colour scheme to reflect Stockport’s industrial background and often moody grey skies that envelope the town.

The Stop in Stockport team needed a logo worked across all social media channels and translated into social headers and worked as a logo at the top of their blog page.

As a novice in the area of graphic design I opted to seek out a local business that could create a logo for our brand. I was totally unaware of the process and felt like I needed some guidance in the whole process of logo design. I honestly feel like I received the best support imaginable and I am incredibly grateful for the patience given by Creative Wilderness. In regards to the logo I couldn’t be happier. They listened to my thoughts and correctly inputted them into the logo. I didn’t have to push them for a finish date – everything was done promptly and to the highest standard. Charlotte and her team are an excellent graphic design team and you can see from their early work they are going to smash it in this industry. Stop in Stockport

Shaun Freeman

Founder of Stop in Stockport