Jessica Lohmann, founded Ethical Brand Marketing in March 2018 out of love and respect for Mother Nature and all she takes care of. This unconditional love remains at the heart of many of us who shop consciously and want to see positive changes in this world.Jess works with brands that are committed to animal and nature welfare and helps them to master their marketing and turn conscious consumers into raving fans!

Jess wasn’t reaching her goals and needed to optimize something in her branding and marketing. It’s been such a fun and playful project to work on and the new brand identity perfectly captures the vibrancy, passion and positivity of Ethical Brand Marketing.

I was introduced to Charlotte and fell in love with her work. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I‘ve made in my career because she hit my vision on the nail! I swooned every time she sent me her suggestions and I spent a warm, sunny winter weekend at my desk implementing her design to my website and have received so many compliments ever since!

I‘m sure I‘ll come back to add how much of a sales increase her design has given me and with that, my clients. Until then I‘ll continue using her amazing templates and graphic collateral in my marketing materials! Thanks, Charlotte, you‘re helping me and my clients save animals and our environment with your brilliant talent!

Jessica Lohmann

Ethical Brand Marketing