Kirstie the founder of Brave Day approached me as she felt her branding wasn’t really reflecting her vision anymore so I worked with her to refresh the brand and give it a bolder, courageous, nature inspired look. Brave Day collaborate with a wide range of clients and partners who embrace courageous creativity, changing the narrative, telling stories through mixed media, and share a passion for coming together to create positive change. 

Mixed media and tactile textures to reflect the playful, expressive creativity behind the brand. Rich and earthy nature inspired colours are used and crayon strokes and patterns ‘flow’ through the visuals. Torn paper effects, overlayed with photography and handrawn elements give an eclectic and welcoming feel to show that creativity has no boundaries. Playful creativity is exuded from this concept and contrasted with an informal chunky serif font to show the bravery and strength behind this playfulness.

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