Last week I recorded a podcast I am very proud of with Benjamin from @head_rest! We chat about mindfulness and self employment and the things that have helped us carve out a different path and way of doing business. 

We discuss how daily mindful rituals have helped us with energy, inspiration, creativity and enjoyment. We also compare how we work in a different way with an ethical focus and how we craft our working days to embrace our natural rhythms and energy levels. There are also some tips on how to make little changes to bring you back and get into a state of flow where the best work and ideas happen!

If you listen I’d love to hear what you thought and if you might make any mindful changes to your working day.

Brand Stories 01: Behind the Brand with The Travelling Actor

Welcome to the Brand Stories series! Brand Stories go behind the brand where I chat to some of the inspiring business owners and brands on the story behind their brand. I hope you too can be inspired to hear how they built their own authentic brands, the blockages and...
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How to build a sustainable brand that connects with people

Today I wanted to chat to you about how to connect with your customers on a deeper level through building an impactful and sustainable business. If you feel that your product or service is fantastic but somehow people don't seem to be jumping at the chance to buy from...
Logo Design Brand Identity

What’s the difference between a Logo and a Brand Identity?

Lots of clients ask my about the difference between a logo and a brand identity. I often use the term 'brand mark' instead of logo as often a logo can be created without thought, strategy and will fail to truly represent your business. A logo is just a mark. Some...

How getting outdoors in nature can improve your business

This morning I woke up and just had an immense urge to get outside into nature! All too often we are conditioned to jump straight to work and follow the traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday route when running our business and going self-employed. It still takes time to...
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Is branding important for your new startup business?

Starting a business can be one of the most exciting times. It's a time full of adventure, possibility, hope, inspiration and big ideas. It can also be a pretty tough time too as you are pulled in so many directions with a dizzying amount of branding and startup...

How to find motivation in your business when you have no energy

When you have no energy or motivation  for your brand and business it can feel like you are in an endless winter energy-wise. In these times it can feel hard to focus, to find momentum and to find your inner guidance. Perhaps your initial energy wanes as your business...

My Yearly Business Reflection Prompts

As we approach the end of the year it's a wonderful time to reflect on this crazy year so that we can start 2021 fresh... ❄️⁠ ⁠ With a sense of renewed purpose, ready to shed the things that no longer serve us or our business, and to be proud of the things we have...
Creating vision board

Creating a Vision Board for your Business

I'm a big believer in the power of vision boards and starting the new year with soulful intentions. I create a personal and a business one at the start of each year and find it really helps to combat that back-to-work dread! Dreaming big and allowing yourself to tune...

How I knew it was time to improve my brand

I'm currently working on an amazing brand identity and it's certainly got me thinking about my own brand and how I'm feeling like it needs a bit of a refresh! I created my own branding at the very start of my business and like anything I definitely didn’t put as much...

How to market your online course as an introvert and without the sleaze!

Have you heard of the contrepreneur formula used to market online courses? It's a phrase coined by Mike Winnet who has recently exposed this formula on Youtube. I've also seen so much of this sleazy way of promoting online courses since I've launched my own 'Brand...


Hello! I’m Charlotte the founder of Creative Wilderness. I love to collaborate with forward thinking brands. I’ve had over 10 years in the design industry working at big agencies on brands including Wilkinson Sword, Peroni, Kozel, Energizer, McCann, The Hut Group, Pilsner, Aldi, Cambridge University, Harbour Hotels and many many more.

Before jumping into design I dreamed of being a Rock star and studied music at Paul McCartneys music school ‘The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts’. I spent a few years as a pro musician where I toured, played festivals, recorded albums and also a music video. I still love playing sax and bass in bands and music and design make me feel alive and inspired!

3 things that keep me motivated are yoga or runs every morning, matcha tea and 6music!

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