Last week I recorded a podcast I am very proud of with Benjamin from @head_rest! We chat about mindfulness and self employment and the things that have helped us carve out a different path and way of doing business. 

We discuss how daily mindful rituals have helped us with energy, inspiration, creativity and enjoyment. We also compare how we work in a different way with an ethical focus and how we craft our working days to embrace our natural rhythms and energy levels. There are also some tips on how to make little changes to bring you back and get into a state of flow where the best work and ideas happen!

If you listen I’d love to hear what you thought and if you might make any mindful changes to your working day.

Behind the scenes of my ‘design day’ service

My Design Day service is for smaller design jobs where you'd like to work with me for the day (or a series of days) to get your design to do list done and also refresh your brand or social media designs. Here I'll be showing what happens during one of my design...
Brand identity course, branding course, sustainable conscious business

Why authentic brand experiences are so important

I want you to think of something you’ve bought recently online, (ideally from an independent online store or real-life store). How did it make you feel? Why did you choose that particular place? Did they do anything that made you smile and bring joy to your purchase?...
Coping with business overwhelm as a Highly Sensitive Person HSP

Coping with Business Overwhelm as a Highly Sensitive Person

It’s so hard not to fall into that frantic business overwhelmed trap that modern business life so easily induces as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP_. Podcasts, Instagram adverts, people doing way more things than you, courses you need to go on, books you need to read,...
Self employment tools productivity hacks for startups.

My top 5 best business tools for self-employment

Spending time doing what you enjoy and have passion for is so important in your small business business. Running a small business can often feel like a lot of admin so I wanted to share my best business tools if you are craving some minimalism and simplicity in your...
Zero Waste Design

Sustainable Packaging UK, Eco-Friendly Print & Packaging Tips

Cutting down on unnecessary waste and going plastic free and sustainable with your packaging and printing is something many brands are embracing. It’s great to see sustainable, eco-friendly print options become more widely available to small businesses in the UK and...
Choosing Designer

How to choose the right designer for your business

If you are a company of one like me, it can be very tempting to try and do everything yourself. But if you want to grow and expand then sometimes it helps to bring in an expert, especially in those areas you are weaker. I understand that it is often a minefield out...

Re-Brand/Brand Re-fresh…What’s the difference?

Re-brand, brand refresh, complete brand overhaul, what's the difference and which option is right for you and your business? I'm a big believer in the power of branding as my work involves unique brand creation and strategy. However sometimes your business may not be...
Instagram Feed Styling Tips Social Media Design

Instagram Feed Styling Tips

As more and more of your potential customers connect with businesses through social media it is so important to make sure your feed and social media output matches your brand. If your a fashion, lifestyle, food or retail business then Instagram is one of the most...
Branding and brand identity tips for new business

How much does a Brand Identity Package Cost?

I often have clients asking what the difference is between a 'brand identity package' and 'logo design' project so I'm going to explain why constructing a 'brand' is vital to the success of your business. I'll also talk through how much brand identity packages cost...
How much to pay for logo design

How much should I pay for my Logo Design UK?

 How much do you think you should spend on your company logo design and brand identity? Do you see it as a business investment, like a good accountant or a perfect shop location? For many the company logo design and brand identity is an after-thought and often...


Hello! I’m Charlotte the founder of Creative Wilderness. I love to collaborate with forward thinking brands. I’ve had over 10 years in the design industry working at big agencies on brands including Wilkinson Sword, Peroni, Kozel, Energizer, McCann, The Hut Group, Pilsner, Aldi, Cambridge University, Harbour Hotels and many many more.

Before jumping into design I dreamed of being a Rock star and studied music at Paul McCartneys music school ‘The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts’. I spent a few years as a pro musician where I toured, played festivals, recorded albums and also a music video. I still love playing sax and bass in bands and music and design make me feel alive and inspired!

3 things that keep me motivated are yoga or runs every morning, matcha tea and 6music!

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