how much should you pay for your business Branding design & brand identity?

How much does branding design for your small business cost?

Branding design and brand identity can be the foundation of your business, and they are often one of the bigger investments you’ll make in your business. It’s important to understand what you’re getting for what you pay when it comes to logo design and other branding assets.

Great branding design is subtle and subconscious. It creates that feeling of trust to a brand that you connect with. I sometimes liken cheap branding, logo design and brand identity to a cheap pair of shoes. As soon as you start wearing them, they rub, don’t feel right, feel hideously uncomfortable and don’t have that quality look that gives you pride. You wear them everyday but they are a constant nagging annoyance.And this is the same with cheap branding, logo design and brand identity design; you really do get what you pay for.

Why invest in branding design for your business?

Branding your business is an art, one that requires many years of experience, a detailed eye, strategic thinking and a creativity that can understand the essence of your business. This is something that takes time to acquire and those extra skills that come with hiring a professional branding designer to brand your business should be seen as an investment. When something so important as your brand identity and logo design is involved then it should be seen as something that will add value to your business for years to come.

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how much does business branding design & brand identity cost?

The million pound question! And one I am frequently asked as you can head online and get a logo design for as little as £50. You can also buy a bottle of wine for £3 but I’d rather spend a little more for that extra quality. And this is how you should approach your investment in branding design and brand identity.

Do you want branding design and a strong brand identity that lasts? That gives you confidence in your business and will allow you to charge more as customers will trust in your business?

Your brand identity will be at the face of your company for a long time so it is important to get it right.

Why branding design & brand identity costs more than a logo design 

Designers usually charge £800+ (approx $1,000) for a simple logo design in the UK. But if you want something that feels professional and is in line with your business goals then you should invest in a full brand identity. This will cost much more for a full brand identity design package. 

Branding design packages including brand strategy, positioning and logo design and require much more thought than just creating a logo. Brand identity design goes much further and involves strategic thinking. Branding looks at your business problems, your vision, who you want to target and what makes you stand out. This all plays a big part in the success of your business and attracting potential customers through encouraging trust, connection and desire.

How much does business branding design cost?

Your business branding design will usually start at the lower end from around £5,000-£10,000 ($6K) and upwards. If you are a bigger business then it will often lean towards £20,000-£50,000+ depending on the size of the branding agency you are working with. Those who are newer may charge less as they are looking to gain experience but with this cheaper price comes less experience, less vision and they won’t approach your business branding design with a strategic understanding of your business, your mission and your values.


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HOW Much Value will great branding design and brand identity add to your company?

I personally look at how much time and value I add to a business.

Many people assume creating business branding, logo design and brand identity takes a few hours but for me it takes a few weeks! Before I even start to design a brand and logo I complete an in-depth brand exploration with my clients which includes a strategy workshop, research, moodboarding and positioning. From there I will come up with my suggested brand concept route.

And that isn’t the end of it! I create a full brand guide or brand book for which includes the brand strategy, brand positioning, people, WOW, personality, colours, fonts, illustrations, logos, tone of voice, social media stying and marketing collateral they will  need for their business.

A logo design on its own won’t give your brand and business a cohesive or engaging look that is why I’m such a fan of Brand Identity Guides and Brand Books. The advantage is that you will eventually have a brand identity that lasts, that fits your business and one you feel proud of. This brand identity will then help you attract the right people and convey your unique ethos. 

Here is an example of the brand identity I created for ‘The Kind Store’…

So let’s go beyond just a logo and truly start to invest in your business branding design and brand identity because if you buy cheap you often buy twice!

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