why does a brand identity package cost more than logo design?

Wondering how much should you pay for a brand identity package?

I often have clients asking what the difference is between a ‘brand identity package’ and ‘logo design’ project so I’m going to explain why constructing a ‘brand’ is vital to the success of your business. I’ll also talk through how much brand identity packages cost compared to ‘just logo design’ and why you should expect to pay more for an iconic brand identity package.


how much does just a logo cost?

You can go online and get a logo designed for as cheap as £50, it might not have much thought behind it and it probably doesn’t reflect your ethos very well but for such a cheap price many businesses go for this and then end up with something that doesn’t sit right yet appears on every touchpoint for their business.

Investing in your brand identity package is the start of your business success. It conveys your personality, stands you apart from your competition and tells potential customers why they should choose you. Within 5 seconds they will have made sub-concious decisions and judgements about your brand and decide whether it fits with their values and lifestyle.

Get your brand mark wrong and you will alienate your customers and fail to attract the very people you want to connect with your business.

why does a brand identity package cost more than a logo?

A brand identity package goes deeper for your business and includes thoughtful and in-depth positioning and strategy around your brand.

When I work with clients on their brand identity I think before I create and conduct an in-depth brand exploration where I look at your ethos, dream clients, style, the reason ‘why’ and other brands you like. This is a collaborative phase where we chat, ask questions and create moodboards and conduct competitor analysis before we even start to think about a logo.

Once the roots of your business have appeared then I start to explore logo marks, first sketching out ideas and then creating polished versions. During this time we use all the information we gathered during the ‘exploration’ phase to ensure we are creating a mark that truly reflects your business ethos.



why a full brand identity package is important

Once a logo has been created we then formulate a ‘brand book’. This is where we further extend your brand and look at colours, fonts, signage, posters, how you talk, what your social media looks like and everything that contributes to making your business great. Branding designers are experts at creating more than just a logo, so that your brand is recognisable in a variety of ways and becomes iconic and draws people effortlessly to your busienss.

A logo design will usually just include ‘just your logo’ wheras a brand book tells your full brand story and brings together everything included in your brand identity package. This is why a full brand identity package costs more than a logo design as you can see exactly what is included in a branding package below…




what does a brand identity package include?

As you will be investing more in a full brand identity package you also get much more for your money! A logo design package will generally include just your main logo. Often you won’t even get your brand fonts, colours, patterns and even alternative and sub logo marks. A full brand identity package will look at how your logo and brand mark will fit and work in a variety of formats so that your business will have a cohesive look.

Brand Identity packages are generally bespoke to each business. As a rough guide my brand identity packages generally include the following, with brands adding on extra’s or going more in-depth depending on if they are a startup brand or a more established business.

Your brand identity package will often include:

  • Brand Exploration and discovery session
  • Detailed brand research, market research and competitor analysis to ensure you are positioning your brand in the right space to stand out
  • Looking at your ‘people’ who you want to attract
  • Your business aims, dreams and goals so the branding package reflects these and supports your business to grow in the right direction
  • Detailed creative strategic thinking
  • Overall brand concept creation
  • Moodboard and brand visual concept
  • Your brand personality
  • Your brand ‘wow’ (what makes your brand unique and different)
  • Logo Design (primary and secondary marks in a range of colours and formats)
  • Your brand fonts
  • Your brand colour palette
  • Your branding photography style
  • Your brand social media templates
  • Your branded marketing materials
  • Your website styling (from buttons and fonts to overall layout)
  • Bespoke icons, illustrations or patterns for your brand
  • Examples of how your brand will be brought to life through ‘brand experience items’



How much does a brand identity package cost and how much should you prepared to pay?

At the very minimum a basic brand identity package will cost around £2,000/$2,500 depending on the size of your business and also how much thought will need to go into your branding process. If you have packaging, online items, printed items, product ranges and more to include then the price of a brand identity package will be much higher than this. Bigger branding agencies will charge anywhere from £10K-£50K+, with big household brands investing upwards of £100K in their branding!

For startups and smaller businesses then you should expect to pay upwards of £2K for a brand identity that will have substance and quality and will powerfully convey your brand story.

I often get approached by businesses who’ve had their logo designed by a friend, or found a cheap designer online and they quickly outgrow this and know it was never quite good enough. There’s always a feeling of ‘yuck’ when they put their brand out their because they know deep down their logo doesn’t reflect their amazing business. 


Ofcourse none of us enjoy parting with money, however your brand identity will carry your business through and help your grow. It’s something that you live with everyday so should be seen as a worthwhile investement that will add value to your business for years to come.


what if i don’t have the budget for a branding package? 

If you are a startup brand then you may not have a full budget for a branding package and know that in a year or so that you will eventually get a professional branding designer to help you. In the meantime you need something to get you started.

There are various options, from finding a junior designer to design your logo at a cheaper cost, to also exploring Canva Brand Kits, pre-made logos and taking a DIY branding course.


Hopefully you know understand how a brand identity package goes deeper and why it will cost more than a logo design! You can read more below…. 



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