what's the difference between a logo design and a brand identity?

Learn how a brand identity goes deeper than just a logo...

Lots of clients ask me about the difference between a logo and a brand identity. I often use the term ‘brand mark’ instead of logo as often a logo can be created without thought, strategy and will fail to truly represent your business.

A logo is just a mark. Some logo’s are created quickly, without thought or understanding of your business and will rarely be unique or fitting to your brand. (I’m looking at you £5 logo sites!).

But a brand identity is so much more than this and if you think of your favourite companies then I’m sure they have a perfectly crafted brand. From the way they talk to you, the colours, the fonts, the logo, the illustrations, their social media, the shop layout etc.

Your brand is everything! It is who you are, what makes you different, what makes you stand out and what you believe in. It’s how people connect with your business and choose YOU because YOUR business fits with their ethos.


how good branding adds extra value to your business

Good design is an art. It adds value to your brand. A good example of the power of design is a house where you can add value through beautiful interior styling. The bricks and mortar are the same but our perceived value of it changes.

That’s why I call great design and brand identity creation an investment.

If through a carefully crafted brand identity you attract the right type of customer then word of mouth will spread. If they walk past and are drawn to your sign because it speaks to their values then you will have gained customers. Perhaps you can increase your prices because your brand identity and branding reflects the quality and experience you provide. Or maybe people stay on your website and enquire because it has been designed intentionally.

None of this can happen if you just have a cheap logo designed as it takes more than this to visually communicate and connect with your potential clients and customers.



Creating a deeper connection and trust through your brand identity

I’m a big believer in finding your WHY and you’re WOW! Why are you doing this, what is your passion and purpose and finally what will make people go WOW when they connect with your brand. I dive into this deeply on my Finding Your Brand WOW Workshop!

It’s all about building trust and connection through authentic branding and I think the best way to do this is when you are not afraid to be yourself. A logo design will rarely go into that deeper thinking strategy and explore your ethos. This initial thinking and strategy work lays the foundations of your brand – your Brand Roots. Without it your logo will just be a picture without meaning and will fail to convey what you are ‘all about’.

Once you’ve explored the why and wow then your branding and design should visually reflect this and help you attract the right type of clients.

It’s important to see design and branding as an investment as it really does make a massive difference to how your brand is perceived and how professional it looks, it is more than just a logo and this is where many startups go wrong.


We are so visually led that having an authentic and beautifully crafted brand identity is very important in the success of progressing a business you are proud of and connects with the people you want to work with.

If you’d to uncover your authentic brand roots then take a look at my Brand Builder Course, and Brand Roots Workbook.



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