6 ways to make your business branding more memorable

Creating a memorable brand isn’t just about your visuals, colours and fonts – it goes deeper than this. By working out what makes your brand unique you’ll start to connect with people and your brand will stick in their mind even if they aren’t ready to buy or work with you straight away. In this post, I’m going to talk through what makes a memorable brand, what stops people from remembering your brand, and then 6 powerful techniques to create a brand that people will remember .

WHAT makes A memorable business brand?

Creating a memorable brand is all about using branding techniques that are focussed on creating a strong emotional response. A memorable brand creates that ‘wow’ feeling when people come across your products or services. It takes your ‘why’ and purpose and communicates this through a blend of impactful visual branding, storytelling and marketing.

A memorable brand will draw on ‘that thing’ that your ‘people’ truly resonate with – I call this your ‘WOW!’. This ‘WOW’ will be the reason people choose your brand over another. 

If you have a brand that is unique, original, personal and MEMORABLE then you will create a strong sense of brand trust and brand confidence.

Is your business branding easily forgotten?

The following things may be happening if you are finding that your brand is easily forgotten and people don’t seem to be getting in touch, raving about your brand or connecting with it…

  • When what you stand for isn’t communicated through your visuals or the way you speak

  • When you are copying and being ‘inauthentic’ – following the crowd

  • When you are afraid to do things differently

  • The poor quality of your copy, photography, website, social, branding and physical items aren’t reflecting your product or service

  • You want to grow but your brand experience feels ‘off’

  • You aren’t memorable, nothing is emotionally connecting with people

If you are thinking ‘yes’ to any of these points then keep on reading to find out 6 easy ways you can make your business branding more memorable…

It’s not about the product,
it’s about how you feel about the product.

o1. create human connection

When interacting with customers always put yourself in their shoes. What’s important to them? How can you talk in their “language”?

02. Be authentic

Today’s customers expect a brand to connect with them in an instinctive human way. This means finding and communicating your ‘brand wow’ organically.

03. Be consistent

Keep your business brand values and personality constantly in mind when communicating your brand. If anything feels out of alignment then people will lose trust! If your copy, photography, website, social, brand visuals are all mis-mashed and lack cohesion then this leads to a brand that feels inconsistent and people won’t grab onto anything that will stick in their mind about your brand.

04. Tell business brand stories

Instead of shouting about what you do, share your customers stories of how working with you or using your products has helped them. People relate to people! Customers then become brand ambassadors.

05. Reflect your unique business personality

Look at ways to communicate your ‘wow’ and your brand personality as much as possible – from social posts, podcasts, media opportunities to photo shoots and advertising.

06. do things differently

When you are afraid to do things differently and are merely copying other people then you have a brand that doesn’t feel unique, honest or authentic. People will pick up on this and sense that you aren’t a brand that they fully connect or trust in. Stay on your own path and don’t copy but innovate. When you do it differently you will stand out from the crowd.

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