I’m super passionate about ethical living and sustainability and when it came to making the leap and starting my own design company I was extremely conscious that I wanted to create a business that reflected my values and also, in a small way, make our world a better place!I’ve always tried to shop locally, support independents, recycle and reduce and embrace minimalism over consumerism but this year I’m really trying hard. Since joining the @ethicalhour community I’ve found loads of great plastic free alternatives and eco-friendly suppliers.
Business wise I use ethical banking, electricity and sustainable print suppliers and support businesses with a similar ethos. I am all about community over competition!
I still have a long way to go and far from perfect (I’m still partial to Aldi bargains) but the past few months my favourite eco-friendly purchases have been:
  1. Beathable beeswax wrap to replace clingfilm and keep food fresh. This stuff is incredible, much better than clingfilm and you simply wash and re-use!
  2. Shopping at my local veg shops in Cheadle and Stockport. No waste, far better quality veg and I look forward to seeing what is in season and having a chat with a real person and not blank checkout!
  3. Buying in bulk from faithinnature to refill my shampoo bottles.
Beeswax food wraps

Beeswax food wraps from andkeep.com

I am still dreaming of a zero waste supermarket to open near me!