are your brand roots strong enough? taking business guidance from the trees...

I’ve always had a bit of a tree obsession. I immediately feel calm and grounded in their company and I often reflect on the innate wisdom we can draw from trees. I use this tree wisdom in my approach to branding and business – this focus on putting down ‘strong roots’.

Within my business these strong roots are formed by regularly getting out into nature, walking and pondering my direction away from the noise and the ‘shoulds’. Within my approach to branding and my ‘brand builder’ course I explore putting down your strong brand roots so that your business can grow organically.

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Strong trees that stand the test of time don’t grow too quickly, they wait until their roots have developed then grow at their own pace.

Without strong roots you’ll find yourself following trends that aren’t quite right for your business and copying other people around you. You’ll be jumping from one thing to the next without a clear view of how it actually helps your business or if it even fits with what you are offering.  You won’t be a unique and original voice. How many brands have you seen this week jumping around putting out offers and copying what’s on trend, even if it seems completely out of alignment with what they are all about?

strong roots allow your business

to grow intentionally and with purpose

Do you want your business to last and be around for 5 years or more as opposed to just one or two? Thinking about your business and brand roots is one of the ways you can ensure you have a timeless and adaptable business. These roots will give your brand consistency. People will trust in what you are saying, trust in what you are doing and, even if you change part of your business, the essence will stay the same.  It won’t be like starting from scratch everytime you try something new, because these strong brand roots and values will undperin all that you do.

growing your brand at your own pace + TUNING out from noise

You may feel pressured by those around you, with business advice that doesn’t quite resonate with what you’re all about. You may feel competition to achieve and strive for more and more, and this can create a dissonance. You’ll then find yourself out of alignment with the type of work that you should be doing and you may grow too quickly without thought. If a tree grows too quickly without strong roots then they topple down at the slightest gust or storm. This happens to your brand as well! By developing strong brand roots you may go through difficult times, but you will find that the strength of your roots will guide you through them.

The leaves may change, the seasons may change but the essence of the tree remains. And that’s the same with your business, if you have really strong roots then your business can evolve but your brand, your core mission, brand personality and values will be everlasting. This instils a strong sense of trust in your brand, timeless uniqueness and greater meaning beyond just what you ‘do’.

With strong brand roots you won’t get blown around in the wind by passing trends, phases and competition. You’ll stand tall and proud to be refreshingly different. How beautiful is that tree in the middle of a city – even when those buildings disappear and get replaced, this beautiful oak tree will stand there proud, unique, and with integrity – just like your amazing brand!


strong trees that stand the test of time don’t grow too quickly. they wait until their roots are firmly in the ground.

how to create a sustainable brand with strong roots

Spend some time really thinking deeply about what you want your brand to stand for. Reflect on the following questions. It’s a good idea to journal, or type these out to really dig deep…

1. What is the bigger mission and purpose of your business?

2. What values do you truly believe in that will underpin your brand?

3. What are you offering that is unique to people/the world?

If you’d like to dig a little deeper and spend time uncovering your brand roots and working out how to create an authentic brand then I’ll be covering all of this in my ‘Brand Builder’ course.

A great way to start thinking about what makes your brand unique is to create a brand moodboard for your business. You can read how to create a brand moodboard for your business here. 


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