The best online branding courses for
small businesses and solopreneurs

Discover the best online branding courses for small businesses and solopreneurs to attract aligned customers.

The best online branding courses for small businesses and solopreneurs

As a small business or solopreneur, branding helps grow your business, sustainably. I’ve found it’s helped me attract clients without selling or pushing.

Connection is at the heart of branding, enabling ethical businesses to make an impact. But hiring a branding professional can be an investment. An online branding course is an affordable alternative. In this post, I’ll share the best branding courses to gain clarity on your business roots.

- In this post -

  • What is branding?
  • The benefits of taking an online branding course
  • How to find a branding course for your business
  • The best online branding courses
  • Summary


What is branding?

Ever feel uneasy when sending people to your website? If you’re hiding away, your branding may be halting business growth and holding you back. Building an original, memorable brand can help you feel proud to share it with the world. 

Essentially, branding supports you to lay down strong roots for your business. You’ll need to dig deep to unearth your vision, personality and purpose. 

Creating a soulful brand enables you to stand out from similar businesses and attract customers with shared values. It’s about sparking lasting, authentic connections with customers who will return and recommend you. 


The benefits of taking an online branding course

Gaining clarity on your business vision can boost your confidence and enhance your emotional connection with your business. 

And that ripples out into everything you do. 

A sense of purpose can act as a compass, helping you make decisions and encouraging you to tread your own path. Creating a strong brand has definitely helped me to be brave in my business.

Once you’ve established strong roots you can connect with customers at a deeper level. That’s why brand building is an ethical way to grow. 

Branding is an art that adds value to your business, which means it can be an investment to hire a professional. If you don’t have the budget right now, an online branding course is an accessible alternative.

I’m a fan of experimenting with DIY options in my business as they empower you to grow your skills and confidence. An online branding course gives you a grounding in the basic principles that you can apply when launching services or products in the future. 


How to find a branding course for your business

I recommend taking time to reflect on the right branding course for you. You’re more likely to finish and reap the rewards if you feel excited about it. 

As a business owner, you’re often juggling responsibilities. You may worry a branding course will consume hours of your time. The length varies depending on the provider. Look for ones with the option to study at your own pace so you can fit it around your life and business.

Another factor is the course delivery. Consider whether you prefer videos, reading, or practical exercises. If like me, you learn by doing, opt for a course where you create a tangible product like a logo to put those skills into practice. Some courses guide you through forming your brand step by step, while others use case studies. 

The best online branding courses


The best online branding courses


1. Creative Wilderness – The Brand Builder

Yes, this is my course, but I’m really proud of it! It’s aimed at small business owners looking for simple foundations to build a brand without the overwhelm.

This self-guided course helps you dig deep and uncover your brand roots, giving you the clarity and confidence you need to share your brand with the world. By the end, you’ll create a mini brand book and a logo design to visually communicate your story. You’ll also curate brand fonts and a colour palette ready to apply to your website and social media posts.

If you want extra support after the course has finished, you can book a Design Day to refine your brand book and logo designs.

2. Brand Master Academy – Brand Master Secrets

If you’re an aspiring brand strategist, this could be the course for you. It’s really comprehensive, especially on systems and processes. Yet it could be information overload if you just want to form your own brand.

3.The Futur – Brand Strategy Fundamentals

This online branding course is aimed at creatives who want to deliver brand strategy for clients. It could be a great fit if following a systematic framework appeals. But it may not be ideal if you prefer an intuitive process.

4. Aspire 4 Business Academy – Discover your Brand Story

This course is for businesses who want to take their brand to the next level. While it’s one of the more affordable options, it is limited and doesn’t cover how to create visuals aligned with your brand.

5. Her business – Your business. Your brand. course

This course is specifically for small businesses and solopreneurs. It’s great for applying big brand tactics to your business. This course focuses on communicating through social media, so may not be suitable if you find this form of marketing overwhelming.

Create strong roots with the Brand Builder course


Summary: Online Branding Courses

  • Brand building enables you to attract right-fit customers organically.
  • An online branding course is an affordable option if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional.
  • Here’s a round-up of the best online branding courses:

    • Creative Wilderness – The Brand Builder: Best for guiding you to uncover your business roots and gain confidence in your brand.

    • Brand Master Academy – Brand Master Secrets: Best for aspiring brand strategists.

    • The Futur – Brand Strategy Fundamentals: Best for following a systematic framework.

    • Aspire 4 Business Academy – Discover your Brand Story: Best for an introduction to the concept of brand story.

    • Her business – Your business. Your brand. Course: Best for creating a brand on social media.

The Brand Builder Course

No more hiding your brand from the world…let people experience it. The Brand Builder is a self-guided course that supports you to create a brand that you'll feel proud to share with the world. 


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