5 signs you’re a soulpreneur

Are you a soulpreneur? Highly sensitive entrepreneurs embrace a mindful approach to business. Discover what it means to be a soulpreneur and how to grow your business as a soulpreneur.

5 signs you’re a soulpreneur

Perhaps like me, you relate to the idea of being a highly sensitive entrepreneur or a soulpreneur. This business mindset definitely brings positives. Creativity and intuition may come naturally, and you probably enjoy forming deeper customer relationships. But it can be challenging too.

Here, I’ll cover what distinguishes soulpreneurs and how to flourish in business as a highly sensitive person or HSP.

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  • What is a soulpreneur?
  • 5 signs you’re a soulpreneur
  • What are the challenges of being a soulpreneur?
  • How great branding stops me from burning out as a soulpreneur
  • How to thrive as a soulpreneur
  • Summary

What is a soulpreneur?

So what sets a soulpreneur apart?  In essence, your business is about a deeper purpose. You could be passionate about protecting the planet or sparking social change. Your values are just as or even more important than profit. You’ve moulded your business to fit with your ‘soul’ and you are guided by your intuition and often shun the more typical business advice.

It’s about seeing the bigger picture. More than a business, it’s a way of life.


5 signs you’re a soulpreneur

I’m truly passionate about working with business owners who are making a difference. From collaborating with so many highly sensitive entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed common themes that soulpreneurs have in common.

Here are 5 clues that you could be a soulpreneur:

  • You’re purpose driven – your values and beliefs are the roots of your business.

  • Your work is about an inner calling and a search for fulfilment. 

  • You’re highly creative and intuitive

  • You struggle to force yourself to do things that don’t feel aligned.

  • You value heart-centred service.

Sound familiar? Awareness of your unique qualities empowers you to navigate challenges and do business in ways that feel good. 


What are the challenges of being a soulpreneur?


Feeling deeply is a defining quality of a soulpreneur. Criticism and rejection can wound you and knock your confidence. If you’re anything like me, there will be times when you question whether you’re too sensitive for the business world.

As an HSP, sales and marketing can feel unnatural. The prospect of constantly hustling at networking sessions may fill you with dread. Perhaps like me, you find traditional marketing methods sap your energy. Over time, the push push push takes its toll.

Burnout is a real threat to a highly sensitive entrepreneur. 

Believe me, there’s always room to grow and improve when running your own business. It’s so easy to overload yourself with a never-ending to-do list. 

You may feel rootless and disconnected from your true purpose, buffeted by the winds of others’ demands.

Thankfully, you can take steps to ground yourself and avoid losing your way. 


5 Signs you're a soulpreneur

How a great branding and website experience stops me from burning out as a soulpreneur 

As an HSP, running your business in a way that nurtures you is vital. Focusing on discovery and connection rather than pushing can prevent burnout and a great website and brand help with this.

I find building a memorable brand and website helps me attract clients organically and effortlessly. I’ve purposefully designed my website experience to emotionally resonate with like-minded customers. That saves me from exhausting myself on social media. 

Plus, it goes deeper. Forming strong brand roots helps me stay connected to my vision and purpose. This means I make aligned decisions from a place of calm energy.

Your small business website is your space to organically connect, inspire and communicate the value of your amazing brand and products – and if it’s letting you down then it’s time for a refresh.

How to thrive as a soulpreneur

Being a highly sensitive entrepreneur brings challenges, but it’s also an incredible strength. Your focus on heart-centred service can help you forge lasting relationships with customers and flourish in business.

Since going self-employed, I’m immensely grateful for the freedom to choose how I work. As a soulpreneur, you can design your days to nurture your creativity and thrive. 

Here are tips that help me:

1. Build time in nature into your working day: Venturing outside can give you a sense of perspective and soothe stress. I’m a big fan of wilderness walks to unlock ideas and inspiration. Explore nature workshops with me here. 

2. Minimise notifications and screen time: Be mindful of the volume of business information and advice you consume. Clearing the noise empowers you to tune into your inner wisdom when making decisions.

3. Take time to create: Honour your creative expression, whether that’s writing, drawing, or cooking. Craft your routine to make this a priority. I’ve allowed my creativity to thrive and created thoughtful design products and a design shop alongside my branding services.

4. Create boundaries to protect your energy: This is so simple but tough to put into practice! I carve out headspace by using tools like Calendly to control when I’m available for client calls without needing to say ‘no.’

5. Practise gratitude: It’s easy to get wrapped up in business worries. I always feel better when I take the time to notice the small joys in everyday life.

6. Get support when you need: reach out for mentoring to guide you to tread your own path in business or explore ‘Simple Authentic Money-Making’ for ideas on how to turn your passions into income.

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  • Highly sensitive entrepreneurs are driven by a deeper purpose.
  • As a soulpreneur, you may feel drained when you take on tasks that are out of alignment. Over time, this can lead to burnout.
  • Forming strong brand roots helps you organically attract your dream clients and stay true to your purpose.
  • Running your business intentionally and designing your days can allow you to thrive as an HSP.

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