how getting outdoors in nature can improve your business

This morning I woke up and just had an immense urge to get outside into nature! All too often we are conditioned to jump straight to work and follow the traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday route when running our business and going self-employed. It still takes time to undo all that unconscious training! However every time I follow my intuition and go and do the thing I’m called to it always pays off for my business. 

the benefits of getting outside into nature before working

Instead of jumping onto my computer this morning I went outside, sat by the trees and then went for a forage to find ingredients for my lunchtime soup. I’m now sat here feeling refreshed happy and excited about the creative projects I am working on today for my business. Whereas if I’d just done what I’m supposed to do and sit down straight away on my computer I’d have spent the day longingly looking outside and begrudging work. Yet instead I am full of energy and positive thoughts towards my work and I know that this will come across when I send concepts over to clients and work on designs.

Everything will be fuelled by a sense of joy in your business as opposed to ’should do’.




nature allows you to flow instead of overthink

I’ve seen time and time again how if I get outdoors into nature I flow more, listen to my intuition and relax and consequently my business grows and improves.

Contrast this to the other month where I spent lots of time in front of the screen, wishing I’d have more enquiries or emails and feeling frustrated. And ironically the more I sat there and worked away the less happened for my business. 

Getting out into nature encourages your nervous system to relax and de-stress. It’s in this calmer state you make wiser decisions instead of in a state of panic. 


going against the grain of the productivity obsession in the business world


Do you allow flow in your day and take time away from the screen?

It can be hard to go against the grain to constantly be productive but as I walked this morning in nature I saw the sheep, some were munching away, yet some were still in slumber ready to get up when the time was right for them! And I thought I am doing the same, I’m not ready to sit down yet but when I do I’ll be in the perfect place for it.


Theres a difference between avoiding work and following your intuition and it’s important to recognise that. It’s not mindlessly scrolling but it’s doing something that brings you back to you, energises and allows your creativity to flow. 


Finding your best ideas out in nature

My brand name ‘Creative Wilderness’ came to me on a long hike in the hills as I realised how I feel my most creative and alive when outdoors in the Wilderness. I know getting out into nature gives me a fresh perspective and I often come up with my best brand concept and business ideas when outdoors.

We need less time away from the screen, consuming lots of information, podcasts and feeling like we constantly need to ‘do’.

I find getting out into nature brings you back to your own unique business voice. It’s the best way to form strong brand roots away from the should do’s and looking at what other brands are doing.

I talk more about how you can take business wisdom from the trees in this article Are your Brand Roots Strong enough?


Getting outdoors can help solve business problems

One of the exercises that I do regularly is to go out and walk in nature when I have a problem or something I am struggling to find an answer for. 

I bring that problem into my mind – (on a recent wilderness walk it was a struggle with clarity on the direction and what to do next in my business) and then I just put it out there and see what answers come up. I don’t try to ‘find’ an answer I almost let it go and trust that nature will provide one.

We can often over-think our problems and search for answers online or ask other people. And often these answers aren’t quite right for our own unique businesses. Handing this over to nature to see what comes up results in profound answers that create clarity.


If you’d like to try this exercise then head out on a short walk near you and ask nature for answers. See what comes up and let your mind and feet wander!

nature brand exploration sessions with businesses

I regularly get out into nature to come up with ideas for brands. And more and more I see this is where magic happens. I’ve also ran my usual brand exploration sessions that are on zoom in nature and brought in some nature based activities to help people form their brand.

Walking is a great way of getting in touch with your intuition and you can read more about that here



5 ways getting out into nature can improve your businesS

  1. Helps your mind relax and get into a flow state where your best ideas happen
  2. Relaxes your nervous system so you are making business decisions from a wise and calm place
  3. Provides new insights and encourages you to think deeply and intuitively outdoors
  4. Get’s you back in touch with your own voice instead of following the business crowd
  5. Encourages you to tune into your inner wisdom when in nature and gives you profound answers to questions that may be troubling you.
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