Introducing the brand mentoring program that gives you space to grow, explore and transform your brand, naturally.

wander, grow, thrive, in the forest…

When you enter The Forest you’ll find space to explore a new path on your business journey. You won’t spend hours in front of your computer on this program, instead you’ll be outdoors finding fresh inspiration for your brand.

You’ll connect to your brand vision, and form those intentional brand roots needed that will underpin everything you do. You’ll improve your brand organically with expert support from me. And then you’ll work on whatever needs creating, shifting or improving around your brand that feels aligned with your big business dreams.

By the end of The Forest, you’ll develop a brand you feel deeply connected to and proud to share with the world. 

– You can grow your brand, whilst still feeling authentic to who you are –

deep in the forest you’ll find space to breathe and room to grow your business

Is this you…


  • You’re an ethically minded, nature loving small business owner looking to improve your brand
  • You care less about the typical business ‘success’ milestones and more about creating a sustainable business that supports your intentional life
  • You’ve been looking for more support recently but don’t connect with all the high-pressure, shouty and formulaic business programs that you come across
  • You feel overwhelmed with what to do, which leads to inaction
  • You’re unsure how to improve your brand and keep making un-aligned decisions
  • You want to grow a business that doesn’t sap all your energy and would like to learn how a powerful brand experience can help you do this
  • You know you need to stand out from the crowd and celebrate individuality, personality and brand bravery for your business to grow and evolve
  • You’re ready for my expert brand support and join like-minded small business owners for regular mentoring sessions

Just think, in 8 weeks you’ll…


  • Connect with nature and experience my innovative nature-based activities to bring about big thinking, creativity and clarity
  • Made intentional improvements to your brand experience so you can increase your prices, find more customers, improve loyalty and trust, and more
  • Uncover your brand roots, business vision and purpose
  • Feel clear on how to draw people to your brand organically so you don’t have to resort to traditional yuck feeling sales and marketing
  • Improve or work on something for your business to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.
  • Feel brand brave and powerful to tread your own path away from the traditional business advice that just doesn’t suit you.

step into the forest and craft…


Ethical Design Agency

A brand formed with intention, that feels uniquely ‘you’, draws people in and organically grows your business.

Ethical Design Agency

A business in tune with your natural rhythms that creates more freedom and space.

Ethical Design Agency

A business that’s deeply rooted to your values and vision, and supports a meaningful and joyful life!

wander, grow, thrive,

The forest: brand mentoring


True growth happens when there is space to explore naturally, with support from me when you need – this is the philosophy behind The Forest. During your program, you’ll spend more time outside than in front of a screen. Your business is unique, and can’t fit into a laptop or formulaic coaching program to grow authentically.

It’s time to tread your own path by responding in a way that feels ‘right for you’. Here is a guide to how The Forest flows…


Week 1-3

  • Wander and explore out in nature, with your brand and dreams top of mind
  • Create your business transformation intention and vision for the 2 months
  • Explore what is holding you back and frustrating you
  • Ask me anything session

Week 4-6

  • Focus on how or what you want to ‘grow’ and take your first step
  • Guided activities to support your growth and intention rooted in ‘wander’
  • Ask me anything session

Week 6-8

  • Thrive and develop with confidence
  • Guided activities to help your business work towards your big vision
  • Take brave steps for your business with my expert support
  • Ask me anything session

“I feel connected to my business now.”

I have a much better sense of who I am in business now. Charlotte is a great teacher who puts things across really clearly and with warmth. It helped me focus my energy into really connecting with my brand which was vague and scattered. It made me think about what was important to me and what my unique gifts were

Gill, Founder of Outdoor therapy and mindfulness practice Manchester Mind Matters


“Gave me the courage to visualise my unique brand vision and I’ve had my best business year yet!”

The Forest actually helped me focus in on what I do, why I do it and who I do it for.  Not only that it helped give me the courage to in essence make a stand about who I serve and who I don’t.

She is so personable in her delivery that I almost felt like she was right there holding my hand as I went through The Forest.”

Susan, Founder ‘Susan Soaps’ a natural soap brand in the US


Charlotte has a way of getting to the ‘heart’ of your business and helping you to distill it in a way that is authentic to align passion with purpose.

Sara, founder of Full Feather Ramble Canada


The Forest includes…

  • x3 ‘Ask Me Anything Sessions'” This is your chance to get individual business mentoring with me. You can ask questions, get feedback and help with anything you are working on. Submit your question and then I’ll record my guidance for you – no live calls required.
  • Innovative Nature based brand activation activities: all activities take place away from the screen to help you find clarity, wisdom and inspiration for your business from nature
  • Non-formulaic, intuitive and organic weekly prompts and worksheets from me to inspire you and keep you on track
  • + Option to add on a 1 hr brand mentoring session with me

Wondering if the forest is right for you? book a relaxed chat with me to find out!

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meet your forest guide

From big-brand agency designer to ethical business founder

Hello, I’m Charlotte! The Founder of Creative Wilderness and your guide for The Forest.

I know how hard it can be to build a business that feels in alignment with your own values. I know you may be looking for a way to do things differently – quietly and bravely.

Over my 5+ years of running a business I’ve experienced burnout months, overwhelm, comparison, doubt. But through my journey I saw that I could tread my own path and I discovered how to create a brand experience that draws people to me organically.

I bring to The Forest:

  • Experience building my own and other purpose-driven successful brands, with a deep understanding of how branding can empower businesses to grow authentically
  • Inspiration for different ways of doing business – ways that are kind to ourselves, people and planet whilst still making a healthy income to support a fulfilling life
  • An ability to cut through the noise, and practices to think bravely and intuitively to overcome your business problems (preferably out in nature)
  • A highly accredited Level 2 Nature Connection Qualification & PGCE

When I’m not growing brands, you’ll find me in nature – hiking, wild swimming, and exploring in my VW T4 campervan ‘Autumn’. It’s here that some of my best ideas come to find me, out exploring the wilderness and I bet yours are out in your favorite kind of wilderness, too.



How do I know if this is right for me?

If you feel excited reading through above and that gut feeling of ‘yes this is what I needed’ (along with perhaps a few absolutely natural nerves too!) then I’d love to invite you to step into The Forest with me. If you have any questions then send me an email and we can chat more to see if The Forest is the right fit for you. If you are craving a  little more support and guidance, but don’t want to feel overwhelmed then The Forest is the perfect place to gently improve your brand and business. The Forest is a great way to have my support and improve your brand over a short time period. You also may have worked with me before and would like to focus and develop your brand further. 

How do the 'Ask me Anything' sessions work?

There a 3 opportunties to ‘Ask me Anything’ and these are personal brand mentoring sessions with me. You will be sent over 3 dates to submit your questions by. You can either record a voice/video message or send over an email with anything you’d like me help with, or something you’d like me to review and help you improve. I’ll then record my video guidance back for you to watch in your own time.

You could ask me to review a website page, ask advice on how to improve anything to do with your brand, talk about something you are struggling with and ofcourse anything else business and brand related! This is a great way to get afffordable access to my personalised branding support and business expertise.

How much support do I get?

You’ll have 3 sessions to ‘Ask me Anything’ for personalised support.

You’ll be guided by me using innovative nature based activites each week to bring clarity and help with ideas and decisions, along with weekly prompts delivered by email.

We meet as a group 3 times over the program for live virutal campfire coaching calls where I will look through what everyone is struggling with and we will explore these together.

You can also add on a one-to-one live mentoring session with me to dive deeper together, ask questions and I’ll share some wisdom. This will be a dedicated hour taken anytime during the 8 weeks where we can work through what we are struggling with and also we can do live improvements to whatever you are working on.

How much support do I get?

You’ll have 3 sessions to ‘Ask me Anything’ for personalised support.

You’ll also be guided by me using innovative nature based activites each week to bring clarity and help with ideas and decisions, along with weekly prompts delivered by email.

You can also add on a live virtual campfire mentoring session with me to dive deeper together, ask questions and I’ll share some wisdom. This will be a dedicated hour taken anytime during the 8 weeks where we can work through what we are struggling with and also we can do live improvements to whatever you are working on.

What type of business owner is this program for?
I’ve worked with ethical brands, coaches, creatives, product business, e-commerce brands, sustainable business, service based businesses, coffee shops, restuarants, charities and many more! Generally if you are passionate about running a business with purpose, that cares about the impact you have on the world then The Forest will be a good fit. If you enjoy nature then you’ll particuarly be drawn to the outdoor activites! There’s freedom and spaciousness in The Forest so isn’t for those looking for quick fix, or to be told exactly what to do.
What results can you guarantee?

I’m not a fan of the ‘take my course and make XXX amount’ approach as it is often fuelled by lies and hard sells! Ultimately your business success is mostly down to you, however with the right support and guidance I can help you to thrive, learn and improve in a way that feels aligned.

What happens after the program ends?

You’ll be able to join in The Forest again in the future as it will be organic each time depending on where you are and what you want to work through.  You can also book a Design Day, Brand Wisdom Session or work with me on your brand if you feel you’d like continued support when The Forest finishes.

Have another question or want to have a quick chat about if The Forest is right for you?  Email me here and I’ll be in touch.

wander, grow, thrive

Step into the forest this autumn

The Forest will be launching soon.

£185 per month for 2 months (approx $225 per month) 

Full Price £200 per month



I took a walk in the forest and came out taller than the trees