How I find motivation when I have no energy for my business

When you have no energy or motivation  for your brand and business it can feel like you are in an endless winter energy-wise. In these times it can feel hard to focus, to find momentum and to find your inner guidance. Perhaps your initial energy wanes as your business novelty wears off and it can feel like those ideas and dreams are as distant as a summer day!


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Finding motivation for my client work is easy, but finding motivation for the extra business stuff and things like even writing this blog have felt tough! However a few things have helped me find energy for my business recently so I’d like to share them with you and perhaps you can try a few when you are struggling to find motivation…



1. do something that energises you and restores your business energy

ALWAYS nature for me helps to find energy when I have no motivation for my business. Last week it was a big hike up a hill, or a run down the canal. Today it was sitting by a tree for 10 minutes and walking slowly back. Then I felt much more energised to start on an idea for my business and write this blog.


2. create, take time off and have fun to find business motivation

Take a day/afternoon off for an activity inspires your creativity . Perhaps it’s sitting in a coffee shop and reading a book, visiting an art gallery, checking out a new refill shop. Getting away from that pressure to be always “on” and motivated for your business can be so helpful especially if your body is screaming for a break. I also find doing something creative creates a spark of inspiration and motivation… baking, gardening, drawing, writing, music playing…just for the fun of it with no expectation or criticism!


3. accept the low motivation season in your business

Sometimes just accepting that it’s a low motivation energy season in your business, will mean when the time is right your energy will come back. No guilt! Follow natures rhythms and see that times of rest and going within are followed by great spurts of life and beauty. Your business is the same. Sometimes we have no motivation or energy for our business because we need some time to just rest and restore before coming back with fresh ideas and energy.




time in nature can restore our energy

4. remind yourself of your business and brand purpose

 I’ve certainly had wobbles the past few months as you see boasts of 6 figure incomes etc, and I start to compare and feel tiny in comparison! But then I went back to the wonderful work I’ve created with clients, my mission for Creative Wilderness, my brand values. I was reminded of business patience and inner strength, our worth is more than just numbers when we are building something meaningful. 

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5. take one small step for your business motivation

Take one small step to work on the thing that you know you really want to do but it feels like too big a mountain to climb at the moment! I realised part of my frustration and low motivation in my business was having all these ideas and then not doing ANYTHING at all to get to them.

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Do a 10 minute thing right now that will put that dream in motion.




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