Learn how to build an authentic and original brand through my empowering online course.
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The Brand Builder is my signature online branding course for purpose-driven business owners or designers just like you who want to learn how to build a brand that has authenticity, WOW and impact.

Perhaps you are just starting out and want to form a unique brand, or your current brand is holding you back and needs some improvement.

I’ll guide you through the innovative brand-building process I use with my clients so that at the end of the course you’ll have a brand that you can’t wait to share with the world!


a branding course to guide you on how to form your unique business idea into an impactful, authentic and powerful brand.

Watch my short video where I will talk you through what my course is all about and how it can empower your business…


at the end of the online course you’ll have formed a brand that you can’t wait to share with the world!


The brand  builder course is for you if


  • You have a great product, service or business idea that you feel super passionate about but you know your branding is letting you down and stopping people from working with you or buying from you.
  • You have no clue about branding, or perhaps have a bit of an idea but don’t understand how to make it work to empower and grow your business.
  • You are a designer who’d like to understand more on branding and use my process to inspire how you work on your future projects
  • You are overwhelmed with all the quick-fix courses and free advice and want to learn and develop on a course with substance
  • You aren’t ready to invest in a full branding package but want to make sure you are starting off your business with strong roots and a visual identity that makes you look ‘WOW’.
  • You feel put off by over-selling and marketing and want to attract people to your business effortlessly so you can spend less time chasing work and more time doing what you love!
it’s probably NOT right for you if


  • You want to learn how to design a logo. Whilst we do cover some design basics around colour and fonts I won’t be diving into logo design as this is a whole other course!
  • You don’t have time to invest at least an hour a week on the course.
  • You want something passive where you just sit and watch and don’t really gain much from it afterwards.
  • You are a fan of brash, loud and fast-based business gurus promising 100K in 30 days. This course is intentional, conscious and focussed on organically growing and forming your business


empowering original thinkers

I created ‘The Brand Builder’ after having so many conversations with people taking the leap to start up a business and facing the same problems and doubts. A lack of belief, confidence and idea of how to form a brand that truly reflects their business and values. These conversations inspired me to use my knowledge and create a course to help empower start-up brands. Here are what some of my recent Brand Builder course learners are saying…

“So glad I chose this course instead of spending $6,000 on a brand strategy day!”

I was drawn to Charlotte and this course straight away by her beautifully fresh branding, our shared love for nature, and her ‘heart-centered and conscious’ approach.  Charlotte has a way of getting to the ‘heart’ of your business and helping you to distill it in a way that is authentic to align passion with purpose.

I feel like I’ve seen other courses before and they are so busy! I feel like this course distils it down into very very simple, clear and quick questions. There are so many courses out there where people are paying $6-7,000 to do brand discovery sessions and they still come out with no clue! The Brand Builder course really get’s to the heart of the matter, it really distills it down so you can do it on your own.

It is very simple and point-form and that’s what I gravitate towards. It’s very freeing to do it, to be honest with you, because once you get through the questions, it underscores everything and gives you a great jumping off point to where you need to go from there. It makes you think about where you want to go with your brand.”

Sara, founder of Full Feather Ramble


“I feel connected to my business now.”

I really enjoyed this brand-builder course. It helped me focus my energy into really connecting with my brand which was vague and scattered. It made me think about what was important to me and what my unique gifts were. I have a much better sense of who I am in business now. Charlotte is a great teacher who puts things across really clearly and with warmth. The accompanying workbook is well structured and concise. I can’t recommend the course highly enough.

Gill, Founder of Outdoor therapy and mindfulness practice Manchester Mind Matters


“I love that it is in short chunks so I can think about it throughout the day!”

Jeanne, Branding Designer Spark & Bloom


Ethical sustainable business branding course online courses


The Brand Builder has launched! Enrol now and start crafting your authentic brand.

NOW £250

(approx $344 / 290EU)


This online branding course is split into 5 parts to really dig deep and define your brand. We will explore your mission, the reason you are starting your business, how you can help, who you want to reach and uncover what makes you unique in part 1, 2 and 3. Then we will look at how we can visualise this through mood boards, colours, fonts and how you can then go on to create an authentic brand experience to grow your business.  If you are a designer you can work through this for a client project or use it to learn more on how branding can empower to your designs.


Part 1


We uncover your brand vision, truth and goals through activities that will open up your mind and encourage you to dream big!

Part 2

YOUR BRAND purpose

Next we look at your brand purpose, your why, your mission, and put down brand strong roots that will help your business to grow with integrity. 

Part 3


Your wow is what makes you different and stands you apart and ultimately will be the reason why people choose you over someone else. We will uncover your ‘wow’ and uniquness in this section.

Part 4

YOUR BRAND visuals

My favourite part! We will bring all this thinking to life with visuals! I’m going to talk you through how to create a brand moodboard, dive into how to choose your brand colours fonts and brand photography style. I’ll then guide you on forming your own bespoke ‘brand book’.

Part 5

YOUR BRAND experience

Once your brand book is formed you’ll learn how to create an impactful brand experience as we explore how you talk, your website, social media, physical branded items and more!

Your brand conveys your personality, stands you apart from your competition and tells potential customers why they should choose you.


If you want to spend time understanding branding, and working out what your unique brand is and stands for but don't want to dive into creating your own brand visuals, experience and brand book then The Brand Builder Short Course is also available. This will include Parts 1, 2 and 3 from the full course and the workbook too. £150 Find out more and enrol >

I feel so much more confident with what I am doing now and Charlotte has reignited my passion for design!”

I am a Designer myself and have been following Charlotte for some time now. I have always been in awe of her designs and the way she always seems to get it spot on. I work in corporate so can often be restricted creatively and in the last few months I have noticed my approach to design was losing its creative edge, I was struggling with getting what I needed out of my clients and not finding ways to get the information – my hunger for design was dwindling.

Then Charlotte launched this course. I have to say that this was one of the best things I have done to re-educate myself and get myself back on track and understand even better now on how to approach design, how to understand what I want to achieve, learn how to build out a brand and ask the right questions to get a full brief. Me doing this course happened to coincide with a business I am working on for myself so this course really helped me expand my thinking and (re)learn how to understand what I want a brand to be! 

Ciana Perry, Designer


 WHAT YOU’LL GET from the branding course

a beautifully designed workbook
create your own bespoke brandbook
  • A beautifully designed workbook to print or fill in digitally to keep all your ideas in one place
  • A professionally designed brand book template for you to customise and create your own brand book using Canva/Google/PPT
  • 5 part course including video, text, activity lessons
  • x23 recorded videos
  • Intuitive brand tasks to open your mind
  • Guidance and template to create your own brand moodboard
  • My top design resources to help you find images, fonts, colours and inspiration for your brand
  • My sustainable and ethical business and branding tips
  • The unique brand exploration process I go through with my clients on uncovering a unique brand that I’ve seen time and time again help them grow their businesses beyond their dreams
not ready yet?

I appreciate it’s often a big commitment and hard to decide on an online course so if you’d like to experience learning with me then enrol on my free 5 day mini-brand improvement email course below…

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Join my free 5 day email course where I guide you through a few quick and easy actions to reflect and improve your brand impact over 5 days. 


Ethical sustainable business branding course online courses


The Brand Builder has launched! Enrol now and start crafting your authentic brand.

NOW £250

(approx $344 / 290EU)

Having my own brand book has completed my store and enabled me to grow as it’s my guide book for everything I do.

Everything now syncs together and The Kind Store is now a company that I’m proud to show off.

Improving my branding has enabled many things. Firstly, a greater brand awareness and improved customer engagement as I now have a recognisable logo and colour palette. The store feels like a proper store rather than a ‘one-woman-band’ and we’ve been featured in Forbes, the Guardian and other publications. Magazines such as Vegan Life have also been keen to hear from me about building a business.

Natasha Tyler, The Kind Store

frequently asked questions

You can go at your own pace. Perhaps you have a full week or two to work through it for an hour or two every day, or you could dedicate an hour or so a week and finish it in 5 weeks. Some people spend a little longer on certain sections and finish it in 2 months.

Will i be able to design my own logo after the course?

You’ll have an idea of your brand personality and the fonts and colours that work for your brand. If you are visually inspired you may find you can create your logo after this course however we won’t be diving into logo design in this course.

How will the course help my business?

Good branding is an art and it adds value to your business. Creating strong brand roots through this course will help you build an authentic brand that people will trust in. Also you know your business better than anyone so it feels very satisfying to build your own brand with a little guidance from me!

Through the course you will create a brand that…

  • Allows you to price your services or product to reflect their value, emotionally connects people to your vision
  • Gives you a unique space to stand apart from your competition and exude professionalism
  • Attracts the right type of customers that want to invest in your brand and become your fans
  • Gives you a sense of pride and power in what you do.
I'm a designer too, will this course be useful?

If you are a designer who hasn’t dived into branding then this course will definetly be useful as it’s the process I go through in forming brands when I work with my own clients. You’ll gain more of an understanding behind colour and font choices and how these tie into creating impactful brands with personality. You could use the course to help form a brand you are working on, or work on your own.

I don't want to dive into the visual side and want something a little shorter, is there a smaller option?

I’ve had quite a few requests from this from people who want to spend time understanding branding, and working out what their unique brand is and stands for but don’t want to dive into creating their own brand visuals, experience and brand book.

I’m also offering a short course which will just include Parts 1, 2 and 3 and the Brand Builder Workbook for these sections. You’ll be able to complete the short course in around 4-8 hours although I always recommend thinking and reflection time in between each part. View the curriculum for this option and enrol here.

I'm not sure the course is for me, how can i decide?

I’d never want you to join the course if you don’t feel sure! If you have any questions feel free to email me here. Scroll down and watch a sample lesson from the course. You can also browse my blog, download my ebook and spend some time seeing if you resonate with me on Instagram too before making the decision. As ever go with your gut and inner voice!


I’ve put a lot of hard work, thought and inspiration into this course to make sure it is super valuable so I hope that you won’t be disappointed! Currently, I don’t offer refunds so please make sure the course is right for you before purchasing. Please email me if you have any questions or if you’d like to know more if the course will help you.

Branding Course Sustainable Business
 hello I’m Charlotte, your branding guide!

I’ve worked with some of the leading ethical and sustainable brands, creating brand experiences that have helped them grow into successful, dream businesses. I’ve been wanting to share some of this knowledge to help more and more purpose-driven businesses like yours grow and thrive.

Before Creative Wilderness I learnt my design and branding craft at big design and advertising agencies. I’ve created packaging designs for Wilkinson Sword, pitched campaign concepts to Vanish and KP nuts, created branded materials for Peroni to name a few! I understand what these big brands do well, and also how to apply some of these principles to make independent brands like yours have a big impact.

I love getting out into nature, wild swimming, and exploring in my new VW T4 campervan ‘Autumn’.



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Ethical sustainable business branding course online courses


The Brand Builder has launched! Enrol now and start crafting your authentic brand.

NOW £250

(approx $344 / 290EU)

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Here, I share the reason why did I decided to create an online branding course. How did the idea form organically through listening and responding to what I could see people needed?



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Giving BACK...

I'm taking part in a series of pledges to create a fairer more sustainable business world.

I donate a percentage of my profits to The City Of Trees, who are transforming underused, unloved woodland in Greater Manchester

I co-run Conscious Entrepreneurs which is a monthly event to connect, support and encourage conscious businesses and entrepreneurs.