The online branding course for purpose-driven business owners

Uncover your brand roots and
discover what makes your business unique…


…then learn how to share that with the world



your brand is more than ‘just’ a logo. It’s an experience.
Ethical conscious creative design agency


When your brand aligns with the deeper purpose behind your work,  you build the right foundation for your business. It’s filled with meaning, originality and storytelling. And it’s what makes your business memorable to the customers you’ve been craving.

I’ve been guiding big brands and ethical businesses through my unique sustainable branding process. Now, I’m helping you DIY your brand. So you can create a meaningful brand of your own, without the big investment.


An online branding course to grow your seed of an idea into a deeply rooted and meaningful brand

You don’t need to be a designer to build your brand


You don’t need to have a design degree or oodles of creativity to build your brand. You just need to know your business and be ready to pick up some new tools. Together, we’ll dig deep and uncover the brand roots that’ll make your work stand out.

Our aim? For your dream customer to see your brand and instantly have that gut feeling that says “yes, this is for me”.


Start moving forwards with a brand that empowers you and your business

  • Get clear on your big (or small) business dreams and set your brand vision for the future
  • Uncover your brand roots and what your deeper purpose is
  • Create a unique brand experience that draws the right customers to you

“I feel connected to my business now.”

I really enjoyed this brand-builder course. It helped me focus my energy into really connecting with my brand which was vague and scattered. It made me think about what was important to me and what my unique gifts were.

I have a much better sense of who I am in business now. Charlotte is a great teacher who puts things across really clearly and with warmth. The accompanying workbook is well structured and concise. I can’t recommend the course highly enough.

Gill, Founder of Outdoor therapy and mindfulness practice Manchester Mind Matters




You have a great product or service but know your visuals are putting people off buying from you or working with you.

You’re aching to create a strong, impactful brand but don’t have the budget to invest in a full branding package

You’d like to attract people to your business effortlessly and organically through the power of an authentic brand experience.

Dig deep and define your brand

The Brand Builder

the online branding course for ethical business owners


Part 1

your brand vision
  • Create your brand vision
  • Get clear on your brand goals
  • Build your Dream Business Alignment

Part 2

your brand purpose
  • Find clarity on your ‘why’
  • Uncover the deeper purpose behind your business

Part 3

your brand wow
  • Dig into your brand roots to discover what makes your brand unique
  • Learn how you’ll stand out from everyone else

Part 4

your brand visuals
  • Create your brand moodboard
  • Choose your brand colours
  • Curate your brand fonts
  • Select your original photography style

Part 5

your brand experience
  • Learn how to create a memorable brand experience
  • Follow guides to implement your brand across your website
  • Discover how to create a brand experience on social media for your ideal audience
  • Get comfortable with using your brand on physical branding items, marketing materials and plenty more!

“The first course I looked forward to doing everY evening!”

Absolutely loved this course! It was the first course I have actually looked forward to doing every evening. From start to finish you are delving deep in to your brand and forming the kind of brand you want to bring into the world.

Without this course I am not sure I would have got there. Really recommend this for anyone starting a business and stuck in a creative block like I was!

Claudia, founder of Yoga Brand Be Here + Love and launching a new brand soon!


“So glad I chose this course instead of spending $6,000 on a brand strategy day!”

Charlotte has a way of getting to the ‘heart’ of your business and helping you to distill it in a way that is authentic to align passion with purpose.

I feel like I’ve seen other courses before and they are so busy! I feel like this course distils it down into very very simple, clear and quick questions. 

Sara, founder of Full Feather Ramble


uncover your sustainable brand…


Build an authentic brand, from the strong roots to the memorable visuals

  • A beautifully designed workbook, to keep all your brand ideas in one place
  • A professionally designed brand book template
  • Part 1 – Create Your Brand Vision, with videos, written lessons and activities
  • Part 2 – Uncover Your Brand Purpose, with videos, written lessons and activities
  • Part 3 – Discover Your Brand Why, with videos, written lessons and activities
  • Part 4 – Select Your Brand Visuals, with videos, written lessons and activities
  • Part 5 – Design Your Brand Experience, with videos, written lessons and activities
  • 31x recorded videos, to work through your online branding course in bite-sized chunks
  • Expert guidance and template to create your own brand moodboard
  • The designer’s resources to find images, fonts, colours and inspiration for your brand
  • Actionable ethical business tips and sustainable branding advice
  • An inside look at the unique brand exploration process I follow with my clients, helping them uncover unique brands that grow their businesses to create a meaningful impact on the world

£250 £200

“I’ve been really enjoying your course! It’s really well put together and full of great ideas!”

Matt, Founder of Bakehouse 32 Pizza & Furniture Maker


“I feel so much more confident with what I am doing now and Charlotte has reignited my passion for design!”


I am a Designer myself and have been following Charlotte for some time now. I have always been in awe of her designs and the way she always seems to get it spot on.

I work in corporate so can often be restricted creatively and in the last few months I have noticed my approach to design was losing its creative edge, I was struggling with getting what I needed out of my clients and not finding ways to get the information – my hunger for design was dwindling.

Then Charlotte launched this course. I have to say that this was one of the best things I have done to re-educate myself and get myself back on track and understand even better now on how to approach design, how to understand what I want to achieve, learn how to build out a brand and ask the right questions to get a full brief.

Ciana Perry, Designer


“I love that it is in short chunks so I can think about it throughout the day!”

Jeanne, Branding Designer Spark & Bloom


Branding Course Sustainable Business
meet your branding guide

From big-brand agency designer to sustainable business creator

Hello, I’m Charlotte! The Founder of Creative Wilderness and the guide for your online branding course.

I learnt my design and branding craft at big design and advertising agencies. Now I use that knowledge to make independent brands like yours have a powerful (and ethical) impact. My clients have gone on to have their products stocked with major wholesalers, be featured in national publications and grow their audiences into purposeful communities.

When I’m not designing sustainable brands, you’ll find me in nature – hiking, wild swimming, and exploring in my new VW T4 campervan ‘Autumn’. It’s here that some of my best ideas come to find me, out exploring the wilderness.

Breathe a new lease of life into your business!
Ethical sustainable business branding course online courses


Build an authentic brand, from the strong roots to the memorable visuals

£250  NOW £200


How long will it take me to complete the course?
You can go at your own pace. Each video has been designed so you can consume it in small chunks, making the lessons easier to digest.

Perhaps you have a full week or two to work through it for an hour or two every day, or you could dedicate an hour or so a week and finish it in 5 weeks. Some people spend a little longer on certain sections and finish it in 2-4 months.

How will the course help my business?
Good branding is an art and it adds value to your business. Creating strong brand roots through this course will help you build an authentic brand that people will trust.

Through the online branding course, you will create a brand that…Allows you to price your services or product to reflect their value, emotionally connects people to your vision

    • Gives you a unique space to stand apart from your competition and exude professionalism

Attracts the right type of customers that want to invest in your brand and become your fans

  • Gives you a sense of pride and confidence in what you do


I'm not sure the course is for me, how can I decide?
I’m confident that you’ll love it i f you have any questions feel free to email me here. You can also browse my blog, download my ebook and spend some time seeing if you resonate with me on Instagram too before making the decision. As ever go with your gut and inner voice!

Do you offer refunds?

I’ve put a lot of hard work, thought and inspiration into this course to make sure it is super valuable so I hope that you won’t be disappointed! I don’t offer refunds but feel free to contact me with any questions to make sure the course is right for you.

I'm a designer too, will this course be useful?

If you are a designer who hasn’t dived into branding then this branding course will definitely be useful as it’s the process I go through in forming brands when I work with my own clients.

Go behind the scenes of the branding studio, with ethical branding advice
You’ll probably have more of an understanding behind colour and font choices but perhaps you’d like to understand how these tie into creating impactful brands with personality. You might find that the Brand Roots version is enough to give you strategic insight into the sustainable branding process.

Will I be able to design my own logo after the course?

You’ll have an idea of your brand personality and the fonts and colours that work for your brand.

If you are visually inspired you may find you can create your logo after this course however we won’t be diving into logo design in this course. You can purchase my pre-made brand and logo kits and customise them with the colours you have formed on the course.




Breathe a new lease of life into your business!
Ethical sustainable business branding course online courses


Build an authentic brand, from the strong roots to the memorable visuals

£250  NOW £200

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