Creating a business brand mood board for your company

If you are a visual person then creating a brand business mood board is a great way of getting to the heart of who you are as a brand and a business. They are really fun to create and can help to visualise your business as a whole to give you a sense of direction, personality and authenticity.

You may have already dived into strategy, marketing plans and the ‘how’ and ‘what’s’ of your business, but creating a brand business mood board is a chance to dig deeper and really look at your purpose, your mission and your ‘why’. Perhaps the whole business plan creation didn’t really get you excited, or you’ve felt overwhelmed with creating a marketing strategy. Business mood boards are much more creative and get you in touch with your creative side, where often insight and clarity about your business and brand can come through.

Creating a brand business mood board will empower your business and help you to form the direction you want to take your business in.

before starting your brand business mood board think deeply and intentionally

A lot of people just run off and jump on Pinterest, frantically pinning anything they like. They will then cobble together a brand mood board from a random selection of images. I see this happening a lot when small businesses are pulling together a brand mood board, and this is why these mood boards often lack any uniqueness, cohesiveness or sense of ‘brand’.

Before creating a business brand mood board you should spend time uncovering the essence of your brand.

uncover the essence of your brand with a moodboard

A business brand mood board should reflect your company brand personality

My brand personality is organic, intuitive, ethical, collaborative, and this business personality is reflected throughout my brand. You need to step a little outside of yourself for this and think of your brand as a separate entity and not just something that reflects your own personality. As an example, I’ve got a bright yellow rug in my house and love bolder colours for my interiors but I know this wasn’t right for my business brand moodboard so I chose nature inspired images and colours for my brand.

If you’re a yoga teacher who specialises in very calming classes then bright orange and loud images and colours wouldn’t be the best choice for your brand mood board. However, if you are a yoga teacher who runs yoga raves, and your uniqueness is the boldness you add to yoga, then a bright orange would work better!

Two people in the same area of work but with different personalities can really show what makes them unique and attract the right type of people by creating a business brand mood board the truly reflects their brand and business personality.


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A big part of branding is choosing the right colours and fonts for your business brand mood board. Colour is psychologically influential and emotive. Do you want people to feel calm when they connect with your brand and business? Are you cheeky, full of vibrancy?

Your business brand mood board is all about exuding the feeling you want your brand to give people and you can use colours to influence their emotional response to your brand.

Here is a business brand moodboard I created for an accountant who is focussed on balance, warmth and working with entrepreneurs who want a business to support a balanced and holistic lifestyle. The brand words were warm, supportive, relatable and you can see how these words are reflected in the photography and colours chosen.

how your business mood board influences your brand communications

Your business brand mood board can be used use when you are communicating your brand to with your clients or collaborators. It can be great for a copywriter to see what your brand essence looks like so they can reflect it through the words they write. It’s also good to keep looking back at your mood board when you are creating social posts, photography and anything branded to make sure it is on-brand and reflective of that brand essence. 

I usually recommend working with a designer or taking an online branding course to bring your brand vision to life so that your brand mood board can then be translated into a full brand book telling your brand story and showing how all the different visual elements should look.


how to create a business brand mood board

You can use software like Canva, Photoshop or even Powerpoint to create your mood board, or keep it hands-on and go for a cut and stick collage. If you’d like more guidance then I guide you on how to build a brand and choose the right colours and fonts for your brand along with your own brand mood board on my branding course, you can find out more about that here. 

Here are a few business brand mood boards I’ve recently created for brands to give you some inspiration and an idea of the different moods that can be created… (feel free to pin them for later too!).

If you need more guidance on how to create your business brand mood board and choosing the right colours and fonts for your brand then take a look at my Brand Builder Course. More details below…

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