Creating a vision board for your business

I’m a big believer in the power of vision boards and starting the new year with soulful intentions. I create a personal and a business one at the start of each year and find it really helps to combat that back-to-work dread!

Dreaming big and allowing yourself to tune into what you’d like to do or be this year before diving into all those usual working tasks starts the year off in a positive and mindful way.

There are many reasons why vision boards work but in a nutshell, visualising is very powerful. Having that daily reminder of your vision is a great motivator that encourages you to really refine how you spend your time and energy with focus. Vision boards tune into your subconscious, creative brain and those inner dreams that you are quashing. They bring out that intuitive, inner voice that you may be currently ignoring or struggling to listen to.

You may not know why you’ve cut out that picture of a sunflower, but don’t worry there will be a message or reason behind it.

I put ‘Rishikesh India’ on my vision board last year, which was probably a bit too literal as I didn’t end up going and felt a twinge of failure that I hadn’t, when really it probably wasn’t the right time for me. Whilst it’s good to have goals, having too rigid an idea means you tune out to the natural flow and opportunities that are presented to you as you are too focused on concrete goals.

See me talk through one of my business vision boards on the video below…

I include an in-depth guide to creating a vision board in my branding course ‘The Brand Builder’.

I’d also love to see what you’ve created so feel free to share your vision board with me on Instagram by tagging in @creativewilderness and you can see my finished vision board below…



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