the 'purpose' behind my new online branding design course

Why have I created an online brand course and how did I stay true to my purpose?

Your purpose should underpin all that you do. Keeping my purpose in mind has helped me to create an online branding course with substance. So with that in mind, I wanted to talk you through the ‘why’ behind my online branding course and ‘why’ I try and make sure everything I create or do in my business has intention, and comes back to my bigger business purpose. 

With any new project or product you’ve put your heart and soul into, you are often faced with doubts. When working with brands, clients and listening to people I connect with I usually hear the same problems…

“Is there any point to this?”

“Everyones doing this, what’s the point?”

“Does the world really need another *insert business idea here*”

“I don’t want to be pushy and salesy but it feels like that is the only way.”

creating an online brand course with purpose

I too feel overwhelmed with the salesy sleazy online business courses out there and it has certainly made me question how I’ll go about launching my courses and future products. I feel a big YUCK when I see all this pushyness so keeping my purpose in mind has helped me to tune out from all the noise around and not be swayed to follow the crowd.

By writing this and coming back to the ‘why’ and purpose of my online branding course I’ve felt a new lease of confidence and belief in what I am creating.

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why did i create an online brand design course?

So why did I decide to create an online branding course? How did the idea form organically through listening and responding to what I could see people needed?


I started seeing a pattern of problems in the emails and conversations I had with people about branding. I could see how the process I go through with my branding clients could help with these problems.

As I worked with amazing independent businesses who were either launching their brand, or refreshing it, I realised that my brand exploration method was the starting point in helping them to form a strong brand. I thought, hmm this would work really well as an online brand design course. Clients kept telling me that they had never even thought about these ‘brand’ things before, it was challenging and fun and they now have a much clearer idea about their brand. It seemed to give them an excitement about launching their business.

It’s important to ‘listen’ within your business. Your customers may spark ideas or ways to improve your brand that you haven’t even thought of! Are there any problems your customers keep talking about, or things they need help with? Perhaps you can look at ways to solve them.


As my business has grown I’ve been mindful not to take on too many projects so I can still provide a really meaningful service. However this has meant I’ve had to say ‘no’ when I’d like to say yes a little more!  Small, startup brands may not have the investment to work on their brand with me one-on-one, so my online branding design course felt like a way of helping people who have a seed of a business idea but no idea of how to form this into a brand.

If your business has grown and you are ‘oversubscribed’ is there anything you can create that will make it accessible to more people who may not be able to afford you?


one problem I see many independent online businesses
face is branding and design that looks
unprofessional and puts people off!


I truly want to see more unique, businesses with purpose and passion in the world. It’s too easy to jump on Pinterest, look on Instagram and fall into the habit of putting things out there that you have seen before and ‘copying’. This leads to a brand that doesn’t feel unique, one that is merely following the crowd. The purpose of my online branding course is to encourage people to really think deeply about their brand and business so that what they create is authentic, and will grow in alignment with their purpose.

One of the things that I see holding independent businesses back from doing well and growing is their branding (or lack of it!).  Through understanding about the power branding businesses will be able to stand unique and strong against some of the bigger businesses and hopefully attract more and more people to their brand.



And finally, I sense people feeling overwhelmed with all the ‘should do’s’ and business advice out there. People seem to panic about how many Instagram posts they should be doing, when they haven’t yet given any thought to what their brand is all about, what makes them unique (your ‘brand wow’) and how they communicate this.

Ignoring the roots of their brand means that whatever they put out there has a lack of substance and people won’t resonate with it. My online branding design course and mini-workshops and courses will encourage businesses to really think about their brand essence so that everything else feels clear, in alignment with their values and that there is a strong brand truth behind everything that they do and say.

an online branding course that guides
you to create a brand with substance and
helps your business to grow effortlessly.

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If you’d like to dig a little deeper and spend time uncovering your brand roots and working out how to create an authentic brand then I’ll be covering all of this in my online ‘Brand Builder’ course.

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