Supporting ethical suppliers allows you to make a positive contribution towards the global sustainable society movement. Ensuring that everything you use seamlessly matches your brand ethos and identity creates a coherent and strong message and customers will positively associate you as a business who cares about the world.

I like to reduce our impact on the planet so use the following marketing, stationary and business promotional items suppliers who pride themselves on their eco credentials.


1. Hatch Print

My current go-to supplier for business cards and postcards based in London. I am in love with their recycled brown craft paper business cards. They are one of the few printers who offer 100% Vegan and Vegetarian Society approved products from production to print.  This not only includes paper and ink, but also the packaging and adhesives they use. You can also get your delivery via bike to further reduce CO2 emmisions!


2. Marc The Printers

Marc The Printers have been one of my favourite Manchester (now Salford) based printers who are perfect for DIY poster campaigns and specialise in Risograph Printing which is as “green” as printing gets – no solvents, no toner, cold process. Risograph has a very distinctive look and works well if you are looking for a illustrative, bold and DIY look.

Very good value for short and medium runs and Charities and community groups can even come in and use the Spot Colour Risograph for DIY Printing.

3. KeepCup

I’v ehad our trusty KeepCup for nearly 5 years now and it keeps my tea tasting great on my adventures. You can brand your own Keep and track how you are helping to re-duce the impact on the environment. Keep it simple with glass and cork or match the colours to your brand with your logo wrapped around the rubber middle panel.


4. Lemome Eco-friendly  Notebook

I’ve been experimenting with a Bullet Journal to keep organised and add some fun into writing our to-do list. After searching for the perfect ethical notebook to jot down my ideas, sketch out logo ideas and plan my working day I found my dream notebook. Lemome choose cork fabric as notebook cover, cork is such a versatile, natural and sustainable material. It’s 100% cruelty free , vegan friendly and so much better for the environment.


5. THE Green and Good

The Green and Good™ is a UK based company whose range is produced from recycled, biodegradable, sustainable, organic or Fairtrade materials. They have over 250 products to choose from but I think you can’t go wrong with a natural cotton tote bag.

Do you have any sustainable suppliers that you’d recommend? If so then please tell us about them below!

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