The current word on everyones lips is User Experience. A hot topic for everything ranging from store layout design to the emails that appear in your inbox. Once you as a business beginning to put User experience at the heart of everything you do then you will generally see a big increase in customer satisfaction and hopefully sales!

In a nutshell UX aims to make the whole experience that customers have when interacting with your brand or service as easy, and as pleasing as possible and leaves them with a good impression of your business. Hopefully one that will encourage the word-of-mouth marketing that still holds relevance in todays digitally mobile world.

So many brands neglect user experience yet it is so simple. And once you start to pay attention to it you can see how it affects every moment of your life. One of the reasons why the ubiquitous apple has become a go-to for many searching for an intuitive experience when working. People remain loyal to Apple because they put the user experience at the heart of everything that they design.

As a business it can be hard to fully understand how your users or clients are perceiving your brand, interacting with your website and responding to your marketing material. That’s where we can step in and conduct a brand exploration; watching your customers, testing out the website and other marketing materials and constantly tailoring them to ensure they fit with your brands tone, ethos and personality.

Simple things impact on the overall experience. How easy is to buy online? How many options are on your menus? Is your price guide over complicated? Is your email campaign easy to click through. These tiny interactions make a BIG difference in click-through-rate and sales.

Our expert knowledge of user and brand experience ensures that your business gets it right and optimises every opportunity to engage, sell and a create a lasting positive impression on future customers.

Email us to book your brand experience consultation.

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