brand stories 02: with Lucky Cloud Skincare

Hear how Lucy rebranded and updated her sustainable packaging to grow Lucky Cloud, and how she balances being a solopreneur with feeling like a bigger brand!

Welcome to the Brand Stories series! Brand Stories go behind the brand where I chat to some of the inspiring business owners and brands on the story behind their brand. I hope you too can be inspired to hear how they built their own authentic brands, the blockages and hurdles they have overcome and how the creation of a brand worked!

Hear the second brand story and behind the brand with Creative Wilderness and Lucy from Lucky Cloud Skincare.

A few of the topics we discuss…

• How going through the re-branding process helped Lucy elevate the Lucky Cloud Brand

• Is branding just for big businesses?

• How to create a bigger feeling brand when it’s just a one person business

• How has Lucy used the new brand to grow Lucky Cloud Skincare

• The brand building process

• Ethical skincare and sustainable packaging and the hurdles Lucy overcame to create a sustainable skincare line

Watch Lucy’s inspiring brand story below (audio version too if you’d prefer to listen!)


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