how finding my brand wow solved my brand frustrations

I didn’t always have a brand that connected with the right type of people…at the start I had a confused brand pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I’d just launched my business and after years of working at big design agencies I assumed I had to carry on this feel of coming across as an almost arrogant agency, without a focus on collaboration or ethical business.

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I had my name, and visuals that reflected the wilderness, but they didn’t reflect ME. I spoke as ‘we’ and used too ‘hard’ language and imagery for what I was all about. And because of this I attracted more corporate, fast-paced business – people who were often draining to work with. I felt I couldn’t be myself and also I didn’t really know what was behind my brand.

After 3 months I knew I had ‘brand disconnect’ and as ever the universe gave me signs to work through this. I then spent time working out my uniqueness, creating mood boards, getting new photography and copy for my website. After going through this process and finding my ‘WOW’ the change was incredible. 


I realised my passion for sustainability, ethical business, alternative heart-centred approach to branding and business were all part of my ‘WOW’.

I felt finally that I could put myself out there with confidence. I could be a brand that I believed in and had truth, and I was no longer pretending or forcing myself to act in a certain way. And miraculously a few months later I attracted dream clients like The Kind Store, who found me, resonated with my approach and went on to collaborate with me!

I know if I’d stuck with my original, half-truth branding then I would have continued down the frustrating road of working with clients who would probably label me as an eco-warrior hippy and I’d have to fit into that box I have always felt constrained in at design agencies.

It took me a while to uncover this but once I did my whole business transformed and felt in alignment! Opportunities seemed to flow to me – I regularly receive emails to chat on podcasts and also had a national newspaper feature too (more on that another time).

Once I’d worked out my WOW all those moments of brand disconnect, those feelings of a lack of confidence and belief in myself, and an inauthentic voice disappeared.

And whilst some parts of running a business I find difficult (hello sales and networking!) knowing my brand wow gives me a sense of inner confidence so those tasks become easier and I approach them in a way that feels right for me.

It took me months and months (and months!) to work this out, and I’d love to share my approach to help more and more purpose-driven businesses uncover their brand ‘wow’ and overcome brand disconnect. I’ve distilled the tools and activities I created for myself and those I use with clients to quickly find your brand wow it into an immersive, interactive and empowering 45-minute workshop.


If you’d like to learn more and find your ‘brand WOW!’ then you can join my anytime workshop here. You can also read more on how to make your brand more memorable in this blog article here.

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