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This is a really helpful ebook so thanks for that! I feel I am going against the usual health coach model which feels uncomfortable! But anyway, after reading about your business it made my thoughts feel ok and actually pretty good!
– Lucy (health coach)

“Your branding guide has been very helpful! I’ve already made a few changes to my website since reading it”

  Georgia of Thriving Spaces

“Thank you SO much for this. I’ve found this all so helpful for clarifying both what I’m doing well, and what I can do to support myself to communicate my services better.”

Ellen Wellness & Yoga Coach

“Thank you for your e-book on the Power of Authentic Branding. It was really helpful in getting me to think about my brand. I’ve worked through the questions and actually have more of an idea of who I am as a business. “
– Gill

“Hi Charlotte, nice to virtually meet you! I’ve read your ebook and website and your branding philosophy really resonates with me, in particular ‘authenticity, heart and soul!'”
Sophie – Entrepeneur & Events Creator