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We are stronger together so I’ve put together a collection of talented minds with diverse skills who can help your business or collaborate with your brand on telling your powerful and inspirational story. I’ll select the perfect team to suit your goals and can also bring in lots of other help if needed, from illustrators, social media gurus to animators! We are mostly based around The North West  UK however work with businesses and collaborators all around the world, there are no borders!

Meet the key thinkers and doers…

Charlotte: Creative Leader

“Soulful creativity and sustainability are my big passions, and all a huge part of my work. After working at big creative agencies for 10 years, I knew I wanted to shape my life around these values. Ethical principles define all that I do – where collaboration, communication and the happiness of my clients means everything. I use intuition, inspired creativity and a deep understanding of how to visually connect people to your brand. I can’t wait to bring your mission and positive purpose to life!””

Elle: Photographer

“I’m the photographer and co-founder of the iconic On The Brink Studio and have been working in edgy, forward-thinking photography for the past 15 years. I specialise in Portrait and Product photography and work closely with my clients to make sure we come up with striking images to suit their brand, looking at colour ways, props that can either be made or sourced and interesting lighting and composition that will catch the eye. My first moment of creative fame was during work experience for Designer Zandra Rhodes and my creation made it into the opening of the Fashion and Textiles Museum in Bermondsey!’

Eman: Conversion Copywriter

“Hi, I’m Eman: Email Conversion Strategist & Copywriter. I write email funnels that turn your sleepy subscribers into ride or dies who hit the buy’ button without hesitation. Whether you’re about to launch your new online course, product or service, my sales emails convert readers into “sign me uppers”. My speciality, though, are welcome emails: emails that take your audience on a journey that starts with your story, and ends with them being raving fans and paying customers.”

Paul: Web design & development

“Hello! I’m a friendly freelance website designer and developer who builds high-quality websites for the good people of Stockport, Manchester and beyond! Helping businesses and organisations who make the world a better place is particularly satisfying to me. That is why I pride honesty, open communication, fair pricing and ethical business practices.”

Emily: Copywriter

“I’m Emily and I specialise in crafting online narratives for nature-based brands. As somewhere I feel most connected to my creative energy, I spend a lot of my time in nature and enjoy weaving stories that connect people with brands inspired by the natural world. Through social media captions, blog posts and newsletters, I help brands develop an online voice that feels clear and natural to them, really conveying through each word what it is in nature that has inspired their work. Outside of my writing, I’m involved in the running of a lovely yoga studio in Bristol.”

Jodie: Photographer

“Hi, my name is Jodie. I’m an Ethical Stylist and Photographer who works with Sustainable Brands in Manchester and beyond! I specialise in Creative Portraiture, Branding, Product Photography and Styling. I’m an advocate for Sustainable living and love to blog about all things eco.”

Ellie: Designer & Illustrator

“Hey, I’m Ellie, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Lover of all things bright and beautiful with a passion for doing good work for good people. I work in a variety of styles as I believe in tailoring the outcome of the project to what works best for the individual or brand.

When I’m not working you’ll usually find me painting with a cup of tea by my side, pretending I’m on bake-off or finding beauty outdoors to inspire my work.”

Karen: Ethical Marketing

“Karen Webber does marketing for goodness’ sake at Goodness Marketing. She likes to use her 19 years’ marketing experience for good, which means helping organisations and people who make the world a better place with great, ethical marketing.When I’m not marketing, I love hanging out with my little family, doing activities usually dictated by the two boys. I also love getting my walking boots and running trainers dirty whenever I get the opportunity!

Sean: Video

“I run the video company ‘The Published Image” and also a successful youtube channel. I love working with businesses on visualising their mission with creativity and bespoke filmaking.”

Sarah: Career Coaching

“As a career coach I mostly work with people who want a complete change, not just in their work but also their lifestyle. Coaching is questions-based rather than advice-based. I ask questions that will move and shift your answers beyond anything that you have experienced before.
My approach to coaching is the same as my approach to life – curious, playful, and positive.

The experiences we have together can be truly life-changing, simply through spending time outside and having great conversations.”

Clare: PR

I’ve worked with all kinds of businesses over the last 13+ years to help them raise awareness, manage their reputations and engage with their target audiences from international famous brands to fast-growth startups. If you want to get more people to know about you, your products, services or campaigns, I can help. I help to get businesses featured in the media, win awards, develop engaging content, drive traffic to their website, and create new, exciting partnerships and business opportunities. An interesting fact about me – I was voted at school as being ‘Most Likely to Be on TV’ and I’ve since appeared on (and won!) a TV show, and now I help businesses get on TV as part of our media relations activity!.”

Hattie: Designer & Illustrator

“Hi, my name is Hattie and I am a Print Designer, Illustrator and Artist based in Manchester.
I work with textile and surface print design, my work is largely figurative and inspired by nature. I Collaborate with small brands and individuals to create detailed, beautiful prints, and artworks.!”

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