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As more and more of your potential customers connect with your business through social media it is so important to make sure your Instagram feed and social media output matches your brand. If you are feeling stressed out and a bit ‘eugh’ about what you are posting then I want to empower you to feel confident to post with intention.

You can use my social media design templates to create a cohesive and stylish social media profile. 

Before my feed was inconsistent and I really didn’t know what to post! Now I’m really enjoying using Instagram, getting great feedback and engagement and feel like it is reflecting my brand and attracting the right customers!

Jo, Amaranth UK

canva social media templates

Explore my beautifully crafted and designed canva social media templates that you can purchase and start using for your brand. With a range of colours and the option to add your own brand colours, these templates will help you stand out and feel original when posting on social media!


I can also create custom templates for you, check out my ‘Design Day’ Service to find out more.

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