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how to improve your brand and connect on a deeper level with your customers


Free online zoom Workshop
Thursday 25th February 16.00-17.00 UK time

“”So brilliant that you (Charlotte) have gathered such a wonderful group of like minded people together today. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you so much Charlotte, this was one of the most helpful workshops I have attended!”

“I found the workshop extremely useful practical as well as informative. The interaction made the learning more relevant. I learnt the importance of knowing yourself and the uniqueness of your brand and to be authentic and not follow others.”

Even as a brand designer, that was really helpful to think about my own brand and I liked that you had examples, mini-workshops, that people could share their findings and their questions.”

Learn how to improve your brand connection and connect on a deeper level with your customers in my 1-hour free zoom workshop.⁠ Understand how to have a more powerful brand impact by working out what makes your brand unique. The thing that makes people think ‘wow’ when they find your brand!⁠

You will understand how to use branding methods to create a deeper emotional connection with your potential clients and customers.⁠

My ‘Finding your Brand WOW!’ workshop can help if you feel…⁠

? You are great at what you do, have a strong purpose and ‘why’ but struggle to convey this to the world.⁠

? Your brand is invisible, ignored and isn’t connecting with anyone.⁠

? You don’t fully understand branding, and want to learn how it can empower your business and how a few quick and easy changes can make a big difference!⁠

My branding process focuses on finding the heart and soul of a brand as this is what connects on a deeper level with people so I’ll be sharing more on how you can do this too!⁠

Thursday 25th February
4pm-5pm UK time on 

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