what happens during a design day?

My Design Day service is for smaller design jobs where you’d like to work with me for the day (or a series of days) to get your design to do list done and also refresh your brand or social media designs. Here I’ll be showing what happens during one of my design days…

Pip already had her branding sorted but needed some fresher Instagram templates, proposal document and bespoke illustrations to use on her website and social.

She booked a design day with me to get all these things sorted so she feels confident putting her brand out there on social and inspired to create content!

“Eeeeek these look so fab. I’m super super happy with them and so thrilled!! I can’t wait to start using them and already feel my customer enquiry process will be much smoother and more professional”


the brand transformation during the design day

Sometimes, you don’t need a full branding package. The Design Day was built for those smaller design jobs you can’t wait to get checked off your to-do list. Each day focusses on brand transformations so that you can quickly feel the impact on your brand and business.

You may have your logo and a sense of your branding but you need social media design templates to improve the way you are communicating your brand on your social media channels. 

The Design Day is all about getting the design jobs done that you know would make a big difference to your brand. So you can free up your time to focus on what you do best – growing your business!

So, back to Pip’s design day! Here’s an example of Pip’s current social media and brand graphics that she’s currently using. 

brand style before

brand style after


Here are a few samples of the Social Media Design Templates, new icons and proposal templates I created for Pip:


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