what happens during a design day?

Behind the scenes of crafting social media designs, colour pallettes and bespoke illustrations...

My Design Day service is for smaller design jobs where you’d like to work with me for the day (or a series of days) to get your design to do list done and also refresh your brand or social media designs. Here I’ll be showing what happens during one of my design days…

Jodie the founder of Photo + Flourish booked a ‘Design Day‘ with me to create new social media graphics to reflect her joyful and uplifting brand. She’s not quite at the stage where she feels ready to invest in a full branding package but experienced the following frustration around her social media designs…

“I like my logo but I feel like my current (pink/white/green) designs don’t spark joy or have much personality or relevance to my logo.”

the brand transformation during the design day

Sometimes, you don’t need a full branding package. The Design Day was built for those smaller design jobs you can’t wait to get checked off your to-do list. Each day focusses on brand transformations so that you can quickly feel the impact on your brand and business.

You may have your logo and a sense of your branding but you need social media design templates to improve the way you are communicating your brand on your social media channels. 

The Design Day is all about getting the design jobs done that you know would make a big difference to your brand. So you can free up your time to focus on what you do best – growing your business!

So, back to Jodie’s design day! Here’s an example of Jodie’s current social media and brand graphics that she’s currently using. Jodie had DIY’d these herself and was itching for me to improve them to reflect a more positive, uplifting and joyful feel that truly reflects her brand personality.

brand style before

brand style after

what DID THIS design day include?


1. After a 30 minute project chat the week before our booking, and quick briefing questionnaire, I get to work on exploring Jodie’s new colour palette based on the Pinterest inspiration points she sent over and website’s that she liked. This makes sure I am clear on Jodie’s brand and what she’d like to get from the Design Day.


2. I then start to create retro inspired floral graphics (to tie in with Jodie’s love of nature and flourish concept behind her brand). I created these graphics using my Ipad Pencil so they are hand-drawn and completely unique to Jodie.


3. Once I’m happy with the illustrations I bring them onto my computer and tweak the colours. I then start to form patterns and choose my favourite illustrations to use for the final social media designs.


4. Jodie also wanted a new font and colour palette suggestion for her social media design so I explore this before bringing everything together to create social media designs for her brand.


5. I then create a range of social media post templates that Jodie mentioned she’d need to communicate her brand. Jodie uses Photoshop so I created all these templates for her to simply update herself. I can also create these using Canva, Adobe Illustrator/Indesign and Affinity Designer depending on what you use to create your brand graphics.


6. I send the final Design Day pack to Jodie which includes all the separate elements, her template files, and a free guide to how to use her new files. And when Jodie received them she sent me this lovely email back: “Charlotte!!!!! I love them so much 😀 Can’t wait to start using them.”


Watch the video below to see the design day process…


Here are a few samples of the Social Media Design Templates I created for Jodie:


Jodie finished ‘The Design Day’ with the following items…

  • New colour palette
  • 2 new fonts to use on social media designs
  • New unique brand illustrations
  • Social media design templates for Instagram Posts, Stories and Highlights
  • A social Media Package Brand Guide to show how everything sits together
  • Bespoke pattern to use for her brand

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