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Book a wisdom session with me to gain clarity, wisdom and advice.
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I’ve launched my online wisdom sessions for anyone feeling off-path, needing wisdom on how to enhance their brand experience or knowing that something isn’t quite right in their business.

I’ve been there before –  lost the passion for what I’m doing, lost clarity with my brand, felt overwhelmed, unsure on how to deal with a difficult business situation, how to grow my business, full of self-doubt and wondering if I should just return to the safety (and soul-sucking) of a 9-5! But luckily with a session or pep talk, I’ve felt renewed, the noise in my head has died down and I then feel clear on my direction and how to move forward.

If you are feeling the same then I’d love to help!


uncovering your inner wisdom…there is a voice that knows the answer before you even know the question.

a wisdom session can help you if… 
  • You’d like to chat through  how to improve your packaging, or brand experience.
  • Your a designer who’d love to run through how I found clients and got my business to where it is.
  • You are looking to make a career change and go self-employed but feel overwhelmed and craving direction.
  • You are feeling ‘stuck’, lacking belief in your business and need a bit of wisdom to get you back on track.
  • You are just starting, not sure what to focus on and want to talk through your brand goals and how to start
  • You’d like to look over your website and have a live design review to
  • You’d like some new, creative ideas for your brand.

60 minute

wisdom session

A in-depth session with me working on whatever you need help with, action tasks and one week post-session email support.


what we could cover in your wisdom session…

Online Branding Course Sustainable Business
  • Creative ideas to grow your business
  • Suggestions  to enhance your brand experience
  • How to take the leap and start a business
  • Organic ways to find your first clients
  • How to make the leap from employed designer to your own business
  • How to improve your website experience to help your business grow
  • Finding balance in your business
  • Mindset, fear and feeling not good enough blockages
  • How to take your idea and create a business from it
  • Lost the passion for your business and wondering how to create a change
  • How to become more sustainable in your business
  • Design advice, tips, processes
  • And anything else that you’ve connected with me on and perhaps thought “I love that and I wonder how Charlotte did that?!”

I will work intuitively with you so that you feel understood, heard and back on your path!


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hearing your inner voice

I won’t be telling you forecefully what to do but will encourage you through thoughtful questions, prompts and experience to get you back in tune with your own voice to hear what’s right for your business.

providing my branding wisdom and knowledge

I’ve had over 10+ years experience working in branding and 3 years running my own business. I’ve also worked with a range of leading sustainable brands and solopreneurs so bring all that experience to our sessions. I also regularly facilitate wisdom sharing at the Conscious Entrepreneurs sessions I co-created.

Branding Project Information

goals & actions in alignment with your personality

I believe we are all unique, original and diverse and what works for one person, will be a massive ‘no’ for another! I will empathetically guide you with goals and actions that suit the talents you have and the unique way you work.

intuitive & Sensitive guidance

There’s a lot of ego and ‘I know best’ around in business when really we need more heart and soul! I’m sure you are already feeling overwhelmed with all the ‘should do’s’ out there so my sessions are aimed at clearing that noise and working out what is right for you.

As a sensitive person I listen with an open ear and use innate intuition to guide you – because there are no rules really…just different paths and I will help you work out how to get you back on yours!

what happens next?

Click the link below to find a good time and book your session through my Calendly. There will be a question asking what you’d like our session to focus on, and anything you’d like me to know before our chat.

I’ll then send over payment details, you’ll be booked in and I shall look forward to seeing you on zoom! I’ll record the session and also send over post-session action points and wisdom from our session. You’ll also be able to email for the week after our chat too with any questions.

If you have any questions before booking then feel free to fill in the form below.

If you are looking for a bit of help right now then I find coming back to my purpose and ‘why’ reminds me of the reason I started my business and gives me inner strength when I am wobbling. Here is a free lesson from my Brand Builder course with a few journal prompts at the end to help you…

if you have any questions you'd like to ask before booking a session simply send me an email through the form below...

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    Giving BACK...

    I'm taking part in a series of pledges to create a fairer more sustainable business world.

    I donate a percentage of my profits to The City Of Trees, who are transforming underused, unloved woodland in Greater Manchester

    I co-run Conscious Entrepreneurs which is a monthly event to connect, support and encourage conscious businesses and entrepreneurs.