week 8


For the final week of The Forest you will be reflecting on your journey and setting out your vision for The Future. I hope you have enjoyed wandering, growing and thriving and I’ve loved supporting you on your journey.

Watch below as I talk you through your last weeks activity and please do share your final photos with me!

thrive activity 2

Forest Reflections & Future


Head out into nature where you can find a spot that feels secluded and enables you to forage and create a spiral shape on the floor.


Create a spiral shape on the floor in nature. You can use a stick to create this, or put together sticks or plants to form a spiral shape.


You will be reflecting on your journey through The Forest with the start of the spiral representing the start and then the end representing the future and next steps for your business.

To reflect you will be foraging for items in nature to represent the prompts listed out below. Walk around slowly and mindfully picking out any natural objects that you feel answer or represent the following:

Where you were at the start?

What you learned on the way?

What have you uncovered?

What surprised you?

What you found difficult?

How you have grown?

What’s next?


Once you have collected all your objects place them on the spiral as you re-trace your Forest journey. Take a photo of your Forest spiral.


Head back and then journal in your workbook or notebook to to map our your journey through The Forest and make any notes. Then make sure you’ve noted your future steps for when you have finished The Forest. I’d love to see your final reflection so feel free to email your creation with me! 


Celebrate your finish of The Forest with a soothing moment in nature!

Your Key Takeaways:

• Reflecting on your journey will help you to solidify what you have learned and how you have grown.

• Keep your vision in line for the rest of the year and revisit this every month to make sure you are keeping on track.

Your next steps:

• Make a note on what you want to carry on for your future. Check your end of year vision and make sure you are including steps that will help you to get to this.

• Allow yourself a regular nature practice to support your business. Revisit any that have supported you whenever you need.

• You can reach out for and further support from me or step into The Forest again in the future!


be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.