We often have clients asking what the difference is between a ‘brand identity’ and ‘logo design’ project so we are going to explain why constructing a ‘brand’ is vital to the success of your business. You can go online and get a logo designed for as cheap as £50, it might not have much thought behind it and it probably doesn’t reflect your ethos very well but for such a cheap price many businesses go for this and then end up with something that doesn’t sit right yet appears on every touchpoint for their business. Investing in your brand is the start of your business success. It conveys your personality, stands you apart from your competition and tells potential customers why they should choose you. Within 5 seconds they will have made sub-concious decisions and judgements about your brand and decide whether it fits with their values and lifestyle.

Get your brand mark wrong and you will alienate your customers and fail to attract the very people you want to connect with your business.

Brand Exploration

This is where strong strategy comes in. We think before we create and conduct an in-depth brand exploration where we look at your ethos, dream clients, style, the reason ‘why’ and other brands you like. This is a collaborative phase where we chat, ask questions and create moodboards and conduct competitor analysis before we even start to think about a logo. Once the roots of your business have appeared then we start to explore logo marks, first sketching out ideas and then creating polished versions. During this time we use all the information we gathered during the ‘exploration’ phase to ensure we are creating a mark that truly reflects your business ethos.



Brand Books to tell your Business Story

Once a logo has been created we then formulate a ‘brand book’. This is where we further extend your brand and look colours, fonts, signage, posters, how you talk, what your social media looks like and everything that contributes to making your business great. We are experts at creating more than just a logo, so that your brand is recognisable in a variety of ways. If you’d like to find out more then please email us on the form below or book in a FREE 20 minute design consultation


Ethical Fashion Branding Package

An example of one of our brand books

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