Stop in Stockport approached us to team up on their Logo design as a fellow Stockport based business. The team is a collaboration of young individuals who all share a passion for Things to do in Stockport. Some are true Stopfordians having grown up, lived and worked here, whilst others have joined the community more recently bringing a fresh voice to all that Stockport has to offer. Stop in Stockport contacted us on Instagram after mutual likes and appreciation of each others ethos and we were delighted to be commissioned with the creation of their new logo.

They had a vision of including iconic Stockport landmarks blending the old with the new in a location style pin. We used the viaduct that stands proud on Stockport skyline, the Hat museum which everyone passes on the train and the modernist Pyramid. We kept the pin minimal with a grey and white colour scheme to reflect Stockport’s industrial background and often moody grey skies that envelope the town.

The Stop in Stockport team needed a logo that worked across all social media channels and translated into social headers and worked as a logo at the top of their blog page.

We predict big things from the team after they have recently secured an interview with the up-and-coming ‘Fuzzy Sun Band’ and are usually found writing about at all the coolest places to be in Stockport. Check out their blog on Things to do in Stockport.

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