zero waste path: sustainable brand experience


Zero Waste Path sell handcrafted, all-natural, vegan and zero waste beauty and bathroom products. I created a full brand experience with sustainability at the heart from packaging designs, soap stamps, label styles, shipping box branded items, photography styling and brand identity items. 

The creative concept behind the branding I produced for Zero Waste Path is inspired by the ‘Wabi Sabi’ philosophy and aesthetic which is rooted in appreciating the innate beauty in imperfection whilst retaining a zen and naturally minimalist approach. It uses a minimal colour palette which is given a cool feel.

Zero Waste Path have used my branding and applied it beautifully to their Shopify store to really stand out. 


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We are so in love with our new branding! Charlotte was able to understand what we wanted even before we did, and in the few weeks since we launched the new branding I have already seen many benefits! I love how now we have a unique and cohesive look across our social media channels, website and packaging, it is already helping to make us look more like a “proper” business, without losing the independent and handcrafted side of it. Understanding better our identity and having a branding that allows us to communicate it well is helping us grow and reach more people! Thank you so much Charlotte for the amazing job!!

Bianca & Giulio

Zero Waste Path

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