zero waste path: sustainable branding


Zero Waste Path sell handcrafted, all-natural, vegan and zero waste beauty and bathroom products. They put a lot of effort into creating products that are sustainable in every aspect, from the ingredients to the product and shipping packagings, the production, and the energy used in the process. They offer products that are easy to use, with simple natural ingredients that are easily identifiable by anyone!

The creative concept behind the branding I produced for Zero Waste Path is inspired by the ‘Wabi Sabi’ philosophy and aesthetic which is rooted in appreciating the innate beauty in imperfection whilst retaining a zen and naturally minimalist approach. It uses a minimal colour palette which is given a cool feel. Photography, illustration and typography play around with this idea, exuding a simple honesty, where every element feels intentional. Finally, Washi tape accents this concept to convey the handcrafted side of the brand.

Giving BACK...

I'm taking part in a series of pledges to create a fairer more sustainable business world.

I donate a percentage of my profits to The City Of Trees, who are transforming underused, unloved woodland in Greater Manchester

I co-run Conscious Entrepreneurs which is a monthly event to connect, support and encourage conscious businesses and entrepreneurs.

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