Margot Frances: Financial Branding


Margot Frances brings warmth, knowledge and relatability to the often overwhelming world of finance. Educating and empowering female entrepreneurs to create a business that supports their dream lifestyle. I created a minimalist yet warm feeling concept for the branding.

Two overlapping circles represent the blend of business and lifestyle that their clients are aiming for and also nod to the circular shape of physical coins and balance. They are also symbolic of sunshine, again conveying warmth, positivity and balance. The equals sign in the middle is shifted to appear as two abstract arms providing support and reflecting the reassuring warmth Margot Frances offers. A modern, geometric influenced font creates a forward-looking yet professional feel.

I also created a bespoke website for Margot Frances which you can view here.

Charlotte has been such a dream to work with. She immediately understood what I was hoping for with my Brand and provided honest feedback when I had queries and questions. The whole process was so smooth and hassle free!

Hannah Collier

CEO Margot Frances

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