Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design: Sandra Elizabeth

Sandra Elizabeth is a jewellery brand that has creative flair, and a honed craft in creating unique pieces from metal imbued with personal memories inspired by both the maker and wearer. Through innate creativity in design and a broad range of travel inspired influences, she forms timeless pieces with a personal story and connection. When people buy from Sandra Elizabeth they are shopping for the long term and investing in a piece that is for life, high quality, and one-of-a-kind.

It was important to exude this crafted, bespoke feel into the brand identity to help Sandra stand out from the more DIY/Etsy style jewellery sellers and reflect her higher-end prices.

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Branding design created by Creative wilderness
Sandra Elizabeth Jewellery Brand Book
Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design

communicating the value

Sandra’s pieces were expertly crafted but currently she was just selling at local markets and felt she didn’t have a brand that conveyed the quality of her pieces. She needed to show they were an investment and appeal to wordly travellers who understood the art and context of her jewellery and were prepared to pay more than something found on a high street. With DIY print items and a mis-matched stall Sandra struggled to convey this opulence beyond her pieces. She needed a brand experience that sold her jewellery and communicated it’s value.

Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design
Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design
Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design

forming a brand identity to exude wordly decadence

Inspired by the washes of sunset, the patterns of the waves and the expressive freeness that Sandra Elizabeth’s pieces encapsulate, we formed a concept that is eclectic, expressive and subtly decadent. Painted brush marks are contrasted with geometric patterns in a gold foil option to add a worldly opulence. Geometric journeys emulate the abstract and elegant flashes of light often reflected from the fine metal she works with. The stacked logo version uses blended letter forms to highlight the collaboration and coming together of ideas and memories as Sandra creates her unique pieces.

Range’s were created to allow scope for her collections in the future and create capsule featured pieces. Everything from photo styling to stall ideas were included to ensure a truly decadent and quality brand experience.

Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design
Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design
Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design
Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design
Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design
Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design
Jewellery Maker Brand Identity Design

"I am absolutely delighted the results!"

“I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working on my brand identity with Charlotte from Creative Wilderness. Over two months we emailed, chatted online and collaborated from different sides of the planet. I hadn’t worked with a designer like this before and I was definitely a bit nervous at the start. Charlotte made me feel instantly at ease, she took the time to explore and understand the essence of my brand and ultimately created a gorgeous cohesive brand identity for a rather eclectic approach to jewellery design. I am absolutely delighted the results and didn’t realise working like this could actually be fun! Thank you so much Charlotte!” 

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