The Wilderness Planner


The Wilderness Planner is a more intuitive, flowing and creative way of creating your business yearly plan that feels worlds away from a boring spreadsheet! I created it after feeling uninspired by the usual ways of planning and visioning a new year and wanted to think a little more strategically than just creating a vision board.

You can purchase your own Wilderness Planner here to print at home. It includes a talk through from me on how to use it and also prompts to get outdoors for a couple of the activities too!

Double sided print at home or take to a printers on A3 or A4 as x4 separate sheets.

I use The Wilderness Planner to plan my business vision and year ritually every year now as it always seems to get me off to the right start. I look forward to doing this before diving in to work and the results so far have been powerful and profound! Intuitive and dream big tasks combined with practical goal setting.

Simple, minimalist and easy to implement.

Includes a video-talkthrough on how to use the planner to empower your year. You can use this planner over and over again as it’s a powerful process!

“I cannot believe how powerful the activities are! I felt like I planned my year effortlessy and now I can’t wait to start working on my goals and ideas”

“Much more fun and easeful than the traditional business planners”

“A great way to start my year with intention and something I will now do every year as I have already seen how much more focussed and productive I am since using it!”

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