Improve your Brand in 5 Days Email Course


In this 5-day email course you’ll understand the power of branding and how you can use it to empower your business. You’ll also receive a daily brand activity in each email to help you initiate brand impact right now.

You’ll only need a few minutes each day to read and complete the short actions.

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I'm a BIG believer in the power of branding. I've experienced first-hand how thinking deeply about my brand experience and spending time crafting a brand that reflects my unique values has been the key thing that I can say has led to the success of my business!

I know how overwhelming taking courses can be so I've created this email course to be actionable, quick and simple. You will focus on the essentials that will quickly improve your brand.

You'll get...

  • A daily email with a brand improvement activity you can complete in 10 minutes or less
  • Audio talk through of each lesson
  • A google document Workbook to type out your answers
  • A PDF workbook if you'd prefer to print this out
  • You can also use your own notebook to save paper and ink!

You'll finish the email course feeling calmer, clearer and will have made intentional improvements to your brand over 5 days.

Here's what Raneesha said about my course...

"Charlotte pulls out the details by laying out exercises and examples that prompt you to think deeper and encapsulate your message in creative ways. She also stands for values that are so necessary in our world right now. ⁠

She’s a joy to learn from, it could really change your experience and the way you communicate your business!"⁠

Once you've purchased the course you'll receive the first lesson sent to the email address you entered on purchase. Check your email for the first lesson. If you haven't received it then don't forget to look in your spam folder, then contact me if you still are having issues.