Coral Grove Instagram Highlights


Create your own vibrant and original Instagram highlight designs using the Coral Grove Template Kit in Canva.

Canva Template Kits are perfect if you can’t invest in a bespoke brand identity but want unique, original and expertly curated social media templates, fonts and colours to use for your brand. You’ll also stand out from all the over-used free Canva templates that everyone else seems to be using!

Coral Grove is an expressive brand social media template, inspired by the vibrant, yet slightly pastel colours found on retro Miami streets. This kit has a warm, fun, and quirky feel.

This brand template suits the following brand personalities:
• Uplifting • Vibrant • Expressive • Warm • Friendly • Artistic • On-trend •

about this kit

You can use this Canva Brand Social Template to create everything you will need to share your brand with the world on Instagram. Once you purchase this brand template you will receive a PDF which includes:

  • Link to open the Canva Template including colour swatches
  • Carefully curated posts for your brand to use in Canva
  • x21 Instagram highlight backgrounds with a range of text only, image and quote post options
  • A variety of colour combinations
  • Suitable for Instagram highlight posts and covers
  • Option to customise with your own brand colours.
  • Video talk-through on how to apply to your own designs and customise the colours and background further to add an original touch to your designs.
  • Fully usable with a free Canva account

watch a video on how to use this kit

create your own unique designs with a range of options

professionally crafted elements to use for your designs

further customise with your own brand colours

easy to use in minutes with a free canva account

no more spending hours struggling to find the colours and fonts to use for your brand

design professional looking social posts, ebooks and MORE!

stand out from the free canva templates that everyone else is using



Do I need Canva Pro To use this?
No this template is usable with a free Canva account which you can sign up for quickly. Canva is really easy to use and I include a talk through to show you how to use your template.
Do I need to be good at design?
Not at all, all you need to do is change the text to match your brand name and the text you’d like on your post and download. I show you exactly how to do this in my walk-through video.
what can i use my brand template for?
You can use this template for Instagram and Facebook posts and also for any square graphics for your website.
how is this different to the free Canva templates?
Canva templates are available for use by everyone all around the world so you’ll probably see the template you use be used by someone else. And anyone who knows Canva will also recognise your template! Purchasing my Canva templates will add originality and you will stand out from the usual Canva templates.

Canva templates have also been designed for mass appeal, so although work well they lack originality and the uniqueness you may be craving for your brand.

I also guide you on how to further customise to create your own unique colours for this brand template if you want to customise further.